That Indian Light

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Here in Australia we are suffering from widespread and dangerous bush fires at the moment. The air is full of smoke, in addition to dust from a large dust storm moving through. The soft red light from the diffused sun reminds me a lot of the light in India. Those who've been there (or other similar parts of Asia) know what I am talking about.

This is also my first post since HF21/22 and also the creation of the Photostreem tribe. So to celebrate these milestones, I'm posting a couple of my Indian images that bring to mind similar light to what we are experiencing in Australia at the moment.

This was from the famous Howrah Bridge in Kolkata. That light.

This was early morning in Udaipur in Rajasthan. This woman was in the middle of some sort of morning ritual. One of the few people shots I've made with a longer lens, so as not to interfere with her ritual.



I am basically from both the place, lived in Kolkata for 22 years and my parents are from Rajasthan :)

Nice :)

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I very much hope they will stop soon. I remember our hot summer few years ago, we had peat fired around the city, it was unbearable...
Take care!

Thanks mate.

Kolkata and Rajasthan very far from distance, but it make it shorter. Nice shot and nice explain.

Thanks mate.

Very beautiful.... I remember that light from when we have forest fires. Last year was very bad, although the sunsets could be gorgeous!

thank you for your like congrats for your photo , amazing