Food Photography : Snack time from local brand


Snacking is not our habit actually, drinking coffee it is. But sometimes, after long day working we would love to have sometimes at home drinking coffee/tea while enjoying couple of donut or bread, in front of our home.

Small date I would say

These day, we keep ordering either one of the food; freshly baked banana cake or pumpkin donuts. I recently learnt about the banana cake when visiting a family and we need to take something with us. It smells great as they serve freshly baked.


                             donat getlatela
                      taken with fix lens, canon d1100

The other one is donut made of pumpkin. The owner actually developed this variant together with donut made of sweet potato. Both has great taste and texture.


                          Banana Bread
                 taken with fix lens, canon d1100

Both of the foods are produce locally. And I think we have responsibility to consume more local food as one of the way to help the grow of local business.

Dont' you think so?

So, what's your favorite snack?