wild roses (with a punch of x-process)

in #photography10 months ago

Yes, I love xprocessing (especially in its digital form, thanks to my Photoshop copy and some action scripts I downloaded from internet 15 years ago!)




all images are mine, taken with Canon 5D +16-35mm 2.8L, + raw processing

Just for reference: original file as shot with camera settings (no raw processing and no xprocess was applied). See the difference?



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so beautifull❤️❤️🌸

grand merci!

That first shot is really nice...Sometimes I wonder why I can't take shots like that...Then I remember why...I'm a shit photographer. 😁

Have a good end of week mate.

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well, I think they are all probably the same :-)

a part of good result is editing, improving the capture with editing soft. I name it 'development of the digital shot'. we all use some ready-made editing presets. ofc I correct resulting image with my eyes, I can do more than just 'choose preset and push OK button'.
dont call yourself shit photographer.

I can direct you to such a simple light free soft as FastStone image viewer -- pressing Ctrl + E one can edit images 'on the fly' in a very easy light manner, doing the crop, making them more dense, more colourful, more or less saturated etc.

doing this surely will improve your results. huh?

I tend to just use whatever comes out if the camera mostly. Sometimes I just google editor in Google photos. 😉 Amateur hour.

'the best you can is good enough', as Thom Yorke sings.

Well said.


Brilliant click

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nice!, how to get those action scripts?. Please share the wealth!!!

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well... I can save and upload the one I use myself..from home
meanwhile, I googled out some in 2 mins, here:
(re-uloaded the zip archive here, http://ge.tt/3fOXVlz2
so you have not to look at all the banners, but source and description is from the link above)

how to use: unpack, open at Photoshop the 'Actions' menu, and drag'n'drop the zip content (unpacked) to the said Actions menu. then you should try all, and decide which ones you love more. and note, they work abit different (i.e. produce different results) on diff images: one xpro variant will go along well with a certain photo, and different photo will go well with another xprocess preset. try and enjoy! and use your eye to choose and to measure effect and correct it... to a sertain grade. I always weaken it to some point... choosing 70, 50, 30 % of the effect... ets. you will see.


Very nice of you sir. Yes indeed I have some of those, but si was interested on those “vintage” ones you have from 15 years ago. Thanks for uploading them. When I use them, I’ll tag you :)

ok, here you go:

Very nice photos :)

my pleasure! I think i managed to create some beauty from the scratch here, indeed. blessings.

а в лайтруме возможностей больше, вот там бы ты оторвался по-полной))

wow beautiful macro photograph my friend. thanks for share with us.

merci, my friend. i dont think it is too Macro, tho :P

Here they atre called rozebottels hahahaha great its kinda sad looking cause of winter

well, it is the end of their day, their joyful blossom days of youth left far behind... their wilting beauty is sad, yes. but its still beauty.