shiny jeans baby

in #photography10 months ago

today for me was sort of anti-thesis of a sublime sunday.. I wanted to post something nice, so I have to dig into my old folders.

no cooking, no baking today, no family sunday... and this beautiful shiny girl full of love, I am portraying here, is not my daughter... she's baby of one of my collegues.


taken with Canon 5D, 16-35mm 2.8L


What a nice young miss !DERANGED

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Looks like a happy little person.

yes, she is. sadly she is not my babygirl!

I remember being that happy as a kid sometimes. No stress, no worries...Then I grew up and life got complicated.

yes. thats why its a pure pleasure to take children's pics... and enjoy communication with other's children (which dont brings the burden of the problems onto your shoulders)

Nicely said.

похоже вы в офисе и она отпечатала себе ладошки)))

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Que linda, How cute @qwerrie


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