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RE: Hi all it is my first post here, So I put some cool winter photos up

in #photography2 years ago

1st post?!!! how is that?

winter pics are amazing !


Thank you!! .... And I not know how just now ... I see steem was go slow ... so I try use more pages so I not need to take SP out :)

not need to take SP out :)

of course you not.

now I understand, you talk about PAL! everything you post on Steemit, adding 'palnet' tag, is published here and there, at once. everything you publish ar palnet, I see on steemit,it too. (I saw this your post on steemit, as well).

Jep... it is my first PAL post :)) ... And yes I know when I post It is up also in steemit :)) But I try get some PAL so I not need to take out my SP in steemit.