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Location: somewhere near PSKK, St.Petersburg, Russia
I met him, and he looked at me so sadly and pitifully .... as if he asked me not to leave him there. But what could I do? I just unpacked the camera and took a picture so that he could share his distress with us.

taken with Canon 5d +Sigma 150mm tele-macro

ps. these paper eyes I found on the street of my city 2 months ago. Believe it or not! They were in a bad condition, so I decided to fortify them (glue to a new cardboard). I am a bit lazy... and the constant lack of time... so I did it only on Tuesday... and having them ready-and-waiting in my pocket, did help to create this picture.

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hehe... oh noes... the poor dude :D

lovely saturation and low sun angle! Love the image itself and the googly character there is a-grade material.

awesome :D

a-grade material.

oh, really?!! thank you, thank you, @googlyeyes

Oh yes... and it looks like everyone agrees :D

Ja ja, te quedó genial, felicitaciones, es un gran trabajo.

grand merci! @marpa

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Nice photograph.

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Pun time: A thrash can! Can you make a more thrash-ey post? :D

probably, yes. this is my stuff. what kind of trash you're intrested in? @mathowl

i mean, sometimes i photo some trashy textures, sometimes I photo trash-bins, or the things thrown away, and decayed stuff / abandoned places, as well.

A thrash can can make me happy :D

to be precise, do you mean a trash-bin?... or used trashy tin can?.. (sorry I have to ask, I am not a native speaker, just to be 100% sure)

thrash-bin = thrash-can. And can has several meanings so it allows for word-play-jokes. But even if you understand the joke it might not be funny. We can ask @fraenk if he thinks my joke gets a passing grade.

I could make jokes about bin but that would imply that we would have to change directory Not sure if that would have bin funny.

ok, i am up to. hope to make you happy in the future, at least several times. i have some... cans!


Haha great use of googley eyes. Looks like they where ment to be on this trash can making it an instant cartoon character.

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me thinks you are right, they suit this bent can really well. the slightly curved - bent side looked like a face to me. I saw the opportunity and nailed it in one take. no doubles. its my googly #2
I hope to do more in the future.
@brittandjosie came up a great idea = wednesdaywalk + combined with a few sets of googly eyes in a pocket. isnt it nice? Now I am looking forward to do this sort of walk one day.

I must say that I ordered me some googley eyes on a chinese website for some googley eye shooting. And I must say a great idea combining the wednesdaywalk posts with googley eyes. A while ago I thought I have seen a googley eye challenge but cant find it now, if it pops up I will let you know. Wish I had some eyes with me when wandering the wastelands😂
Always a great feeling when a plan works and you capture it in one take.

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I totally agree with you! @tijntje
theres a weekly on-going challenge...
you may use the tag #googlyeyes...
and heres invite to the discord channel:

Thanks for the correct # and invite. That was indeed the one I saw a while ago and there is another member at the Discord channel now :D

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Бандана ему к лицу :)))

Hahaha! He does look like he wishes he could follow you home!

I am a little puppy... maybe your mummy will not object... take me hoooomeeee @melinda010100