Contest results, WTF happened?

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Hey, photography fans!

We have no idea what happened and why the participation in our contest was so small.
Was it that hard to crop an image to a square or specific pixels? Were the prizes not big enough? There are many other contests here on Hive with tens of participants and smaller rewards, still they get many entries. Perhaps we'll never know unless you tell us. The fact is we don't feel so motivated after that lack of communication and participation. So at the moment we don't have the desire to run this contest again.

Now let's move to the positive side!

Huge thank you to the only participant, @soulsdetour! We love your entry and already put your image as our avatar, it looks very artistic, thank you for the great post explaining the process as well!
We're now setting you as 75% beneficiary of this post.

We'll be sending your liquid Hive reward shortly, here are the surprise rewards we've been talking about:

  1. Become our Special Edition Star Curator! We invite you to send us 3 of your favorite photos of 3 other photographers on Hive, this could be under one theme or no theme at all, it is all up to you. Their posts could be old (inactive, past the 7 days), it is all up to you again! Please drop the links under this post, whenever you want and you have the time and we will create our post then!

  2. We prepared 4 INCOME tokens (issued by @ecoinstats) for the winners in each of the 4 categories, but since you were the only participant, you will get them all. You don't have to do anything, just HODL them in your Hive-Engine wallet and enjoy regularly those liquid Hive dividends!

Congratulations, @soulsdetour!


We would like to say huge thank you to our curation partner, the @TalentClub - check out their work and consider some support for them as well as they do to all of us here at this project, yourself included!

Do you know any other Hive bloggers who post quality photographs? Please comment/tag them under this post so we review and start following them and appreciate their work!

Please upvote, reblog and follow us to support this noble growing initiative!

All feedback, suggestions, criticism, ideas and comments are very welcomed!


Now maybe this is the problem, I have not heard of this competition until this announcement so we will have to find out why t f it did not pop up in my feed at all...

Thank you! No idea, the contest post was promoted with 1000 ecency points for a period of 14 days so a lot of people who use ecency saw it, few asked questions but it seems it wasn't attractive enough to participate.

Hm IDK why I did not see it :( I totally would have been competing.
I hope you are not too discouraged and will at one point try it again :)
You could also do a contest for the analog photo peeps :)

Thank you! Everything is possible, however contests are not our main goal but featuring great photographs and their authors instead. Also driving some extra rewards for works that have been left undervalued here, in our own opinion and taste, of course.
To do: Check the analog photo community - noted! Your suggestion is appreciated! 👍😊📷

Hi, @photocuration! I am very pleased and very happy that I won this contest! 🎊🍸🎆🎇🎉✨🎈
Although, winning a competition without competitors is a strange victory.
I am also infinitely and unpleasantly surprised by what happened. Not to mention that the cause that your account is developing, is simply great and should be supported by many more people and accounts than it is now.
However, hope dies last, so I hope that things will change in the future and this profile will receive its well-deserved popularity and support.
Thank you very much also for the opportunity to be a curator for just one time! That will be a great fun...and great responsibility as well.

Thank you very much for your support and inspiring words. Our initiative is young, hopefully we will get to speed sooner than later.
Enjoy! When dealing with Art, responsibility could be fun! 👍😊

Hi again, it's finally time to make my curation post, so here are my findings on Hive, that I want to share with you and with others who maybe have missed them in the constant flow of so many other posts:
First of all, I want to say that people who know me well (and they are not many) know that art and architecture are two of the things in life that always fascinate me. And in this regard, here is the first image for the post: the 10th picture from
For me, that's not just art+architecture. It also embodies in some way eternity, what remains after us. Of course, the monument can also be destroyed, but in general it is more durable than a human life.
And since I recently shared my thoughts on the transience of human life - here is the second photo: the first from For me, it symbolizes the temporality of our presence on earth.
And here it is - one of my favorite pictures ever: the first one from
It combines both things - transience and eternity, life and death, materiality and spirituality, above and below, this world and that world ...I don't know what this photo tells you and your followers, but it tells МЕ a lot. It touches the soul and leaves very strong messages about the meaning of our lives. It literally took my breath away when I first saw it. That's why I choose it as the starting photo of my curation post.
So, I think we are ready. And I hope you and your fans will like my choice!

Thank you thousand times! Jumping onto that new post now!

Yay! 🤗
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I have not heard about this competition, although the competition is interesting. Wanting to help me somehow, I'm doing a reblogging so that it appears in the news feed longer.

Thank you for your help, unfortunately the contest deadline was on 4th of April. We don't plan a new one for the time being. However, you are very welcome to support our initiative by following and appreciating the works of the great photo lovers - both professionals and enthusiasts who we feature on our blog. Also, feel free to drop account names of such people who we may have missed. 📷👍

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