Cat Photography Contest: 25 SBI shares and upvotes in prizes!

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Hi there my Steemian friends and followers!

Another month passed by and I am here with my animal photo challenge again :) Last time, the theme was dogs so it comes as no surprise that this time around, we will take a closer look at cats.

As you can see in the post linked above, we had a lot of amazing entries in the doggie photo challenge and I am really curious as to whether the kitty community of Steem will catch up with great response by the dog fans :)

As usually, let me now give you some inspiration and share some of my cat photos with you here. Honestly, I am more of a dog person and I don´t have many cat photos but let me try :)







As for the format of the photo contest, it will be same as before. There will be 5 winners who will get 5 SBI shares each from me and there will also be 5 runners-up who will get my full upvotes on their entries, which means that as many as 10 participants will be rewarded.

The rules also remain unchanged and simple:

1) Only 1 entry (photo) per person.
2) Only your own photo.
3) Add a short description to the photo (at least 20 words please).

Upvotes and resteems are not required but will be appreciated of course since I am, as always, funding the prizes from my own pocket.

As I am expecting a great response to the contest again, I might ask some new participants to prove their ownership of the submitted entries in case of doubt to keep the contest as fair and honest as possible.

Just like the last time, let me also tag some of my fellow photography enthusiasts and animal lovers as well as participants of some previous rounds who might be interested in this contest and whom I would like to see joining it: @jpphotography, @worldcapture, @borran, @r2cornell, @pardinus, @betterthanhome, @jaki01, @derangedvisions, @valth, @liltammy, @itchyfeetdonica, @mrprofessor, @jjprac, @cyclamen, @evecab, @discovereurovelo, @axeman @shaka, @old-guy-photos, @dswigle, @rynow, @sallybeth23, @kus-knee, @hairyfary, @magnata, @missdeli, @hanen, @olivia08, @ninahaskin, @harkar, @qwerrie, @carnad, @world-travel-pro, @sofathana, @hangin, @theissen and others. Cannot wait to see your entries guys :)

You can start submitting your cat photos in the comment section below from now until Tuesday (October 22), 8:00 P.M. CET.

I am looking forward to checking your submissions :) Have a wonderful day and keep on steeming!


Thank you for visiting my blog. If you like posts about #nature, #animals, #ecology, @crypto, #traveling, #photography and discovering secrets and beauties of the #world, feel free to follow me as these are the topics I mostly write about. Have a wonderful day and keep on Steeming! :)


This is our youngest cat. Mom's cat brought him to our house when he was still blind. He grew up with us at home. He is now a teenager and is playing with everything. He earned the accented name of „Cvrkous“.

Cvrkouš je roztomilouš :) Díky za účast.

Někdy rád pokouším štěstí. I když Cvrkouš je už výhra sama osobě. Když ti vyrůstá vedle tebe úplně od slepa, jsi pro něj jako druhá máma kočka.

He's very adorable. Nice job on the photo, too!

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Thanks a lot :)

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We met a lot of cats on the island of Rhodes, right in the capital. There are many in the southern countries at all. Here I took one behind the bars ;-)


Na ostrově Rhodos, přímo v hlavním městě, jsme potkali plno koček. Vůbec v jižních zemích je jich hodně. Tady jsem vyfotil jednu za mřížemi ;-)

To máš pravdu, na jihu je koček... jak psů :D Hezká fotka, díky za účast :)

Rád se účastním, díky ;-)

it looks like it is a greece island thing, Corfu had cats everywhere

I believe that. They thrive in the south.

That is one gorgeous kitty! I like the composition of the photo. Nice work!

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Thank you very much ;-)

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I found this beauty on my way through România, a bit of a spontaneous picture on run but it turned out pretty decent :-) l

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It did turn out well :) Thanks for participation bud!

It turned out decent indeed. I really like this photo, and the kitty is adorable.

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Moe, Larry and Curly were 12 week old kittens dropped off at my vets office in a box. I had just lost my cat from cancer 2 weeks before when I went to see the three. Vet ask me if I would take one, I said NO, I will take all three. Never regretted it.


Wooow, what a story. Btw are you sure they are just 3? It looks like 4 from certain angles :D

They are stooges after all :-)

They are gorgeous kitties, and how cute is that: a cuddle puddle!

!CATtip 20

First 2 years were a blast :-)

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Cool one! I'll have to dig up my files and see if I have some among all the wildlife ones :) Thanks for the contest!

Edit: found one of my favourites of the family cat; seems I don't have only wildlife photos after all! 😂 He's around 12 years now, but this was 3 or 4 years back. Here he is, louging on the rug, in one of the rare ocasions I could get him to face the camera and stand still!


Nice one :) Thanks for participation man. Well, I think there is a bit of wildlife in every cat, no matter how much domesticated :D

I think there is a bit of wildlife in every cat, no matter how much domesticated :D

With years of experience, I can guarantee you're absolutely right! 😂 😂 😂

"Lounging on the rug": isn't that the life story of most cats? This is a very nice entry.

!CATtip 20

Ah ah ah for sure! Alternating periods of relax with pure mischief :) Thanks for the tip!

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This is Spiky the cheeky cat he loves chasing Rocky the Bull Terrier around the house normally it should be the other way around but Spiky is always teasing Rocky to make him chase her around the house it's all in good fun really they are best of mates.

Hiding up on the staircase Spiky looking down at Rocky , Rocky has no idea where Spiky :))))


Aww man, this is such a sweet photo. Thank you so much but unfortunately, you submitted it after the deadline :( The winners were already chosen.

Thanks never mind i thought i might have made it no worries next time :))

It's a very nice photo!

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Thank you @saboin :))

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Thank you for your kindness @saboin :))

This should be a fun contest.

I've sent you some CAT (Cat Appreciation Tokens). Holding CAT will attract "cuddles" (upvotes) from the Steem kittens, @steemkitten, @cuddlekitten, and @steemeow. You can find more info about these tokens by visiting @catnet's profile.

I'll be following this post and sending a bit of CAT to each participant. When the winners are announced, I'll send some extra CAT to the winners.

This post was promoted in the Caturday Discord by @qwerrie.

Good luck to all the participants! :-)

very cool addition to the post, me thinks!

Wooow, thank you so much! I didn´t even know there was something like CAT token :) Much appreciated support for this contest. I hope you will be happy with the outcome :) So far, the participation looks good.

It is hard to pick a favourite of of the nest. The black and white one with its long hair surprised us most of all.

The picture was taking with my mobile phone Samsung J5.

I wish you a happy Saturday. 💕


Look at the cute couple :))) Thanks and have a great weekend too!

Thank you for your response. They are cute inderd. 😍 Have a great Sunday. 💕

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They are very cute kitties, and they look adorable cuddled like that.

!CATtip 20

Thank you. They are indeed. Thank you so much for the CAT! Have a !BEER and great Sunday. 👍🏻

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Hey @saboin, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

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That is very generous of you @saboin! Thank you so much. I wish you a happy Sunday. 💕

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hi! heres my entry. I consider it to happen one of my best cat photos, and I didnt share it on steem yet. I believe it has more than simple cat cuteness, it has drama and depth. I always remember Cartie Bresson's 'decisive moment' conseption, looking at it. i give it the title

'Fat Romeo, or separated love'

@fraenk, @brittandjosie, @tijntje, @borjan

There is some drama indeed :D Very original cat photo, thanks for saving it for my contest :)

I agree. It is indeed one of your best. I was waiting to see what you would bring. I'm not disappointed.

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thank you, compliment is accepted and appreciated.

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This is my best mates cat Mia 😊 she loves being cuddled, when you pick her up she rag doll's in your arms haha its so cute. This photo is of her asking for a pat.

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Mia is a cutie! :) Thanks for jonining this challenge.

She looks very elegant. It's nice when cats are friendly like that.

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It sure is 😊

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This one of my friend's cat. Not given name yet. Still searching for good name but very curious cat when come to photograph him. So he make good pose for this photo. :)

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Hehe it looks like he took a selfie actually :) Good one!

Very nice! It's like phortun said, it looks like he was taking a selfie. :-)

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Well, this is a very cool contest I am definitely qualified to be part of... now I just need to come up with the right photo!


It will be an honor for me to have the CuratorCat himself competing in my cat photo challenge :)


I have tried to immerse myself in photography lately. Our cat Picasso is a perfect model for practicing my photographing skills.

Awww, no cat photo contest would be complete without Picasso :))) Thanks for participation my friend, it is a gorgeous shot.

Very nice! I like the effect; it looks almost like a painting. It's kind of a nice coincidence that the cat's name is Picasso.

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what a subj !!! this promise to be challenging, and
hard to pick up an entry, from my 1000+ cat-o-photo stash
up + promoted in discord

Wow, that´s a decent collection of cat photos :D I am looking forward to checking your entry :)


Hey @phortun, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Hello, I want to introduce MININA, a very polite and stylish cat, she is very affectionate and dreamy, her story was intense, she was abandoned in a dark alley, the rescue and from that moment her life changed, now she is the queen of my home .

Aww, beautiful photo and even more beautiful story :) Thank you for this amazing entry.

She’s very beautiful and “stylish” as you say.

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I do not have as much cat photos as dogs but I really like this one. By the way, how do I receive these SBIs? I think I won the last contest but I´ve no idea where you send the SBI to.


Good looking cat against the bokeh background! #meow

Look at this cutie :) Thanks for your entry. Well, it works like this. I pay those SBI shares for the winners to @steembasicincome and then, they upvote your posts. The more shares you own, the bigger upvotes you get from them :) They have several different accounts to give the upvotes from. I am sure you have been getting them.

Ok, now I understand. Thanks 😁

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That's a very nice cat photo! :-)

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Hai..these is my two hero kittens..
six week old today..
they like to sleep and sleep! haha
i'm still didn't have any idea what should i call mum already named them as a 'CHEMONG' and 'BOBO'


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This is a very nice entry. Probably one of the best IMO.

I already sent you a tip for this on your main account, but you can't have too many CAT.

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Awww, they are just too sweeeet :) Wonderful entry, thank you!

Hi, my name is Dizzy. 🐱 I'm a black cat, but I'm definitely not unlucky when I run across the road. My favourite activities are sleeping, eating and cuddling.


Aww, Dizzy is a cutie :)) Thanks for your entry guys!


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That's a very nice photo! Very well done!

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Thank you so much :)

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looks like cats are a theme for me in this last 15 days :D here is one from my Cats of Corfu island series. There were lots of cats there, all stray cats but all fed well and looking like they own the place

I noticed that too actually :) I mean the abundance of stray but well-fed and happy looking cats in Southern Europe. Thanks for this nice entry.

I remember your Cats of Corfu series. They are all very nice photos. I think this one is a good pick for the competition.

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Hi there! This is my entry:
I wonder what was playing inside the brain of this wonderful cat? Perhaps, he was thinking if he, too, can run this yellow motorcycle just like me? lol

Haha this is cool :) Thanks!

Motorcycle cat. I love it.

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Zrovna jsem obeslal soutěž #googlyeyes , když jsem si vzpomněl na Tvou. Není to zrovna správné, dávat jednu fotku do dvou soutěží... Ale ona nemá šanci vyhrát ani v jedné. No prostě hrdý tatínek. Pro pobavení. Závidím synovi jeho hravost.