I've got my eyes on you

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And if they were on me, with that beak and those talons... I would be worried!


Fortunately, her focus wasn't one me, so I could just relax, enjoy the moment, and photograph. It's great when we can find a bird of prey perching in her natural habitat; even better when we can get close enough to thake these photos.

This is a changeable hawk-eagle, Nisaetus cirrhatus, and spotted her (or better, the guide did!) while doing a safari in Sri Lanka. Simply beautiful!


Truth be told, they are probably used to jeeps passing by, because we were really close and she didn't seemed that much disturbed. She took her time to scout the surroundings before taking off: more time to enjoy the show!


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VERY cool hawk
they don't seem bothered by things like cars and humans here, in the US

With cars it's common, since they don't preceive them as another animal. Cool they don't care with humans too! Guess I'll have to do some road trips there! 😂😉

@tipu curate What a gorgeous bird. Those eyes are so intense!

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Thank you Melinda! I was really fortunate to see her; and a couple hundred meters down the road, we saw another one, in a darker tone, also perching AND also close! Put Sri Lanka on your travel list if you haven't already! 😉

I would love to visit there!😉

I loved it! Amazing nature, friendly people, delicious food... and really cheap prices! 😉

MS makes travel difficult for me these days, so I love the virtual travel I get to do through Steem! 😘

Ohh so sorry to hear that. Have a good friend with MS as well, so I understand that reality. I'll try to keep my photos coming so you can get a glimpse of what I see too!

Perfect! Your photos are the ideal way for me to travel these days!

Perfect! Your photos
Are the ideal way for me
To travel these days!

                 - melinda010100

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

You even Haiku'ed! 😂 😂 😂 👍 Another batch of photos coming up then!

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Beautiful photography

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Thank you!