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RE: A beautiful and sublime Sunday, Once upon a time he kissed a frog

in #photography9 months ago

The one with the wings is also my favorite JJ.
Now go and kiss that frog my friend as you know that you have always wanted to hahaha.
No need to worry as we will still think of you as the tough tattooed guy, even if you go about kissing frogs Lol.
Great photos and information here!


LOl I will admit I have been tempted to kiss it but only when no one is around LOL

Hahaha, you are funny my man. I have a mental image of you sneaking out at 2am in the morning with a flashlight and as you kiss it the town mayor pops up to ask you what you are doing Lol.
Ps. He also sneaked out to kiss it hahaha.

LOLThat gave me such a good chuckle