Summary review of my first ever mini drone

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Greetings guys!

How you guys feel today? Good? Yeah,it's been almost three month I never update here. I wish you all had a joy moment with family and friends besides with pandemic Covid-19 infected all over the world. Please follow the Standard of Procedure (SOP) implemented by government, stay safe, stay home and stay hygiene. Together we fight this!

Okay, enough for introduction, lets get back to main title of this post, I want to share some of my view toward this mini drone called TELLO by RYZE powered chip by DJI. Its so small and cute as size as your hand palm. photo_20200612_160312.jpg

Come with 5 mega pixel camera built in this drone,720p video record resolution and 13 minute flight time. It was quiet satisfied with price around $99 bucks or MYR420 in my country Malaysia. If you buy it, the box come with drone, extra propeller and manual. It doesn't need physical controller but you can do that through your phone connected by wifi signal from the drone. Plus, it can fly till 15 meter to 25 meter max.

Beside that, this drone has variety of quick shot mode like up and away, 360 degree and circle. Affordable price and specs for beginner like me or someone who want try to play drone for first time. Below is my shot taken with the drone on day and night.



Not bad in term of quality photo of this drone. But you must ensure to fly with caution because it can easy fly away in windy and high altitude condition. Most of all, for me this drone can only use for fun and not for professional. If you never done the experience of flying drone this drone is for you. If flown away, its okay rather than $399 drone ^_^.

Next I will upgrade from my current mini drone to advance drone. Wish me all the best and I will share my drone perspective view to all guys out there.

That's all from me, just keep practice and make perfect. Hope to see you guys soon.

Adios and Shalom


Dji mini is more good

yeah! after some research and analysis, Dji Mavic air 2 as my wish to buy after this mini drone! ^_~