Scenes From the Storm

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Yeah I am not even joking here!

My friend @priyanarc did a post here about the cold weather in the Ukraine Well now weP1300094.JPG

are having cold and snow here in Michigan!!


To paraphrase from the Animals, I got to get out of this place!


I mean excuse me but is it tooo much to ask if we can hold off till after Thanksgiving to have winter storms. Just my opinion, but it is just a little bit early!!


I know, I know the snow is so pretty... Ha, try having it for your companion for 8 months of the year lol.


There are supposed to be steps here some wheres!


Have a good week, friends!


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Good job taking advantage of the cold, beautiful photo opportunity! You got A LOT of snow for being so early. At least we all get to enjoy it with you @old-guy-photos. Thanks for sharing!

I know, I feel for you guys! The Arctic Blast even hit us today in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We will be down to 24 degrees by morning which is way too early for us for a deep freeze.

love 1 + 5!

Where we live, we must love the snow & cold or else life would be quite uncomfortable!! Talk about going for an evening sunset walk at 3:30pm 😂 know you live in the north when! Keep hydrated while shoveling. And, don't forget to do your stretches!! ❄❄❄

😆 ❄snowing here too❄ 😆

BeautyFull shots as always 💕

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Oh my.. a cold reality... Saw it isn't so Joe....

Yipes same here in chicago. Gonna be a rough winter

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That IS a beautiful photo though, of the snow on the red leaves.

I also like that it looks like tiny snowy trees beside where you USE to have steps.

Sorry so early. Shoulda got out last year. LOL !!

Haha, you sound a LOT like me when I was stranded up north a few decades ago! "I got to get out of here!" I remember saying that to myself, as a frigid wind went right through the very thick parka I had on at the time. Thankfully, situations occurred that allowed me to actually "get out of there" and I jumped at it!

Great contrasts...

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Amazing Photo Shots

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