"Quest for Creating" for Behind the Photo 📸

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The quest for creating a post containing my original content photographs is multi-faceted and I will do my best to explain the steps involved in the processing for the Behind the Photo Contest.

Finished photograph, ready for posting

"The After"
Click on image to enlarge

I took the photo from the passenger side of the car on my way to the airport to visit my daughter in Texas a month ago. My intent was to capture the remnants of the lingering autumn leaves that looked translucent with the warm sunlight providing backlight to the foliage.

Original, untouched photograph

"The Before"
Click on image to enlarge

I rarely come across a Steemit contest or tag and immediately go outdoors, take photographs and post them instantaneously. Furthermore, the weather doesn't always allow for taking a fresh inventory of images so when there is an opportunity to take interesting photographs, I tend to go overboard and be a bit excessive. What can I say?😀

Usually I search through my extensive photo gallery to see if I already have a suitable image to use for a particular contest or tag when the weather doesn't allow taking new images. And I try to plan ahead for many of my favorite weekday challenges including #sublimeSunday #beautifulsunday #fruitandveggiesmonday #monomchromemonday #treetuesday #wednesdaywalk #marketfriday #sepiasunday #shadowphoto #bouldersunday

You can ask members of my family the number of times I made them (reluctantly) wait to take their first bite of food once it's finally placed in front of them and instead allow me to take foodphotography! Annoying!

Google Photos is a terrific free app that has fantastic built in features including: search, memories, photos, albums, "for you", an automatic backup to the Cloud, and the options you get by clicking on the 3 dots to right of where it says "Search your photos" (shown in the image below, created using Google Photo Collage feature.) You can spend hours playing with the many tools to create interesting photographs!

Google Photos Features


I literally have my camera 24/7 since I am an android smartphone photographer. Everything I need is built in and ready to capture, edit, and post images -- all conveniently located in a pricy little portable gadget called a smartphone that I seem to constantly hold in my hands or have within easy reach (I own a Samsung Galaxy Note8).

Whenever I have free time you can find me editing photos using Prismart app, Gallery and Google Photo tools, while I listen to a wide variety of music on Alexa. I admit I am a nocturnal person by nature and my creativity flows best at night...sometimes all night!

Primart Editing Examples

This is the original photograph being edited using Prismart. How it works is you click on the different portrait "thumbnails" on the bottom row and get a different effect on the resulting image.


For the following image, I selected the green and aqua toned thumbnail effect in Prismart.


There are times when a photo conjures a specific song in my head -- maybe it was popular the year the image was taken. On other occasions, specific lyrics "speak" to me and prompting me to find images that I feel convey the words appropriately.

My post is my contribution for the "Behind the Photo Contest" hosted by the lovely @nelyp and sponsored by the incredible @appreciator. Learn more here BehindthePhoto

Here is one of my photos enhanced seven different ways and ready to be posted based on my mood, a particular contest or tag, song lyric inspiration, or if I am simply feeling creative! Which one is your favorite?

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

These are a few of my original sayings:
•There is no such thing as a "poor" picture!
•The only bad photo is the one you forgot to take!
•You can never have too many images!
•Crop, edit, enhance, & enjoy your photographs!

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

Images taken with Samsung Galaxy Note8

Thank you for taking time to stop by and visit my blog, as I truly appreciate everyone's continued support! Have a terrific day!

© 2019 Nina Haskin. All rights reserved



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Thanks for your entry, @ninahaskin and best of luck in the contest!

Appreciate the vote of support, good luck wishes and reblog!👍

Have a terrific day! @johan.norberg

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I've never used one of those phones, wouldn't even know how, I've always had a camera and carry it everywhere in my bag just in case..

Haha! I'm old enough to remember when the only phones around were attached to a wall or you had to insert a quarter to use them. And a nifty cameras was one that spit out pieces of paper you waited to see photos magically appear on!

You'd have the camera on a cellphone mastered in a day and probably be bored stiff!

Thanks for stopping by, leaving a kind word and the upvote! Much appreciated! @wales

The edits came out beautifully Nina!! The first photo is definitely my favorite!! I'm used to the desktop so I transfer my photos onto it. I might straighten them up some on my phone editor though. 😁

Thank you for the compliment, upvote & reblog!
Much appreciated @deerjay

Your photographs always look fantastic and I especially enjoy the accompanying stories you have to tell, Dee (I might have mentioned that once or twice!). Nothing wrong with you using a desktop to upload and edit either. It probably would be better for me to use two hands instead of a stylus to create all my posts!💻👩‍🏫

Have a great weekend!💫

You are very welcome Nina! I think you would have a good laugh to see my process and all my little reminder notes around my computer..lol. Not that I remember to read them all the time. 😮 😁
Hope you have an awesome weekend as well!! 🤗

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Thanks so much, Pix!💯

Very nice! And thanks for the tips! I need them badly, I'm such a newbie to taking pix. Using whatever photo program came with my computer, I do a little cropping, a tad of color adjustment, use the vignette feature now and then and put it out there. I only started taking pix so that I would have images for my posts! Now I am hooked and see beauty everywhere. That does not suck. Thanks for visiting my post today and I am pleased to meet you.

Thank you very much! I'm always happy to help out and share photography tips. I think I became your biggest fan ever since coming across your quinoa recipe and most recently your hilarious 31sentencecontest entry!

Your photographs look perfect by the way. Nobody would guess you only recently started taking photo. You obviously are a quick learner! @owasco

Thank you so much for taking part in our contest! We wish you the best of luck :)

My pleasure! It was an interesting theme that was like a puzzle where we had to focus backward and highlight the process of creating the final photo.📸

Thank you for hosting the fun contest as well as wishing me luck, upvoting and reblogging my entry! @nelyp

What an awesome post for this contest I kepe meaning to do one myself but havent found the time to do one yet

Thank you for the compliment, Jay! Means a lot to me coming from you!💯

I know what you mean about trying to put something together in between the Thanksgiving holiday and time constraints. Felt like there was much more to include in my entry but I didn't want to wait until the last minute to post as I do more often than I care to.🙄

Have a terrific weekend! @tattoodjay💫

My pleasure ot visit and I just say it as I see it, With all the festive decorations shots I have been taking I am not sure I will be able to make the time to do an entry but enjoying seeing other peoples entries

So primarily all the magic is done by you in choosing a scene and after effects. Best of Luck for the Contest.

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work.

Your choice of the word "magic" being used to describe the processing I do is flattering. Mother Nature gets all the credit -- I make a few minor adjustments to highlight the beauty.💫

I cannot thank you enough for everything. You help make Steemit a better place! @appreciator

Good post!!! Congratulations...

Thank you for the kind words and support! @nightportraits👍

Thank you for your support and the awesome upvote! Much appreciated! @ocdb 👍💯👍