A Mother is a Sacred Gardener

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A mother is a sacred gardener,
coaxing seed and tender shoot.
When faltering
they feed the child
at the deepest root.
And if sunlight wanes,
they clear canopies
make space
make room
for the child to
arch out & flower
beyond themselves
into a world even the mother
will not see.


Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, godmothers, aunts, daughters, sisters, cousins, nieces, furbaby moms...


and a special shoutout to all the dads who double duty their roles as moms!


Thank you for stopping by!

Images taken with Samsung Galaxy Note8

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Happy Mother's Day!! I hope you had a good one with a lot of pampering which you deserve!!!

BTW I love orchids but not sure how much they love me. Mine bloom once but then stay green, happy, but bare!


Happy Mother's Day
Wonder how the hibiscus get the wet look.


I hope you had a great day. Happy Mother's Day!Those orchids are absolutely beautiful!😍

I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day! Your flowers are amazing and I love all the waterdrops! A truly sublime day, @ninahaskin

Happy Mother's Day

Very nice your pos, greetings, and happy mothers day a little late, but what matters is the intention,

The beauty of amazing nature!
I love photography in the Macro genre.
Especially when the flowers are after the rain and there are drops of water on the petals.
Welcome back, glad to see a new post
Thank you!

Happy belated Mothers' Day to you.
Thanks for the props, a loving husband is one that is not afraid to join in, helping to lessen the burden of all those mundane chores that some think should only fall at the feet of their spouse.
Husbands should treat their wives like every day is Mothers' Day. I'm not sure where we would all be without a supportive and loving partner.

I hope all was fun and all was smile there 🤗🤗

Thanks for these nice words.

Simply gorgeous photos @ninahaskin, so nice to meet you, regards Angie🌸

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Amazing photos 😍

Happy Mother's Day

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.