Curious Furry

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My cat Furry is big, she is bigger than my two dogs. Look at her neck, she is like a wrestler or heavy lifter. She got appetite of a lion and let's face it she has always some food in her bowl. She has a life of a princess.

Curious like all cats in the world she will not miss to spot a movement, a fly or any other thing that she can find strange, interesting, disturbing.

She is playful and among her favourite games is "furball". She got soft balls to play with and she loves the candy wrrappers, specially the shiny ones. Theg can be turned into small balls that she can kick and chase in the whole appartment. She got also secret places, behind the cupboards, where she stores her balls.

It is fun to play with Furry and to keep het entertained.

This photo is my contribution to the contest run by @barski - @Barski announces photo contest - Show me CATS - Round 7 & WINNERS - weekly prize pool of 230 BTCMYC ( bitcoinmyk ) tokens

Also I submit it for the #dailypetphotography run by @dpet and @kona.


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She is a beauty! Great photo!

Aww, thank you. She is a spoiled beauty. 😀

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