Sunset from the Hospital Room

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While in India the lock down has started from 24th March for me the lock down began already from 11th March when my hubby had to be admitted to hospital for his surgery. The surgery went very well, but there was a lot of instability in his breathing so he was kept in the ICU, finally after 2 weeks of intensive care, he has been shifted to a normal room and under rehab now. The progress is slow , but the happy thing is that it is very positive. All is well that ends well. I am happy that things are progressing and we are moving in the right direction. I have been all through out at the hospital and plan to be here only till the time he needs to be here.

A lot of people are feeling this lock down has slowed down things for them, but in the past few years I have been majorly spending my time indoors so I am not feeling any inconvenience. I spend my time reading a lot, doing yoga, meditation, then making my blogs, help with my hubby's treatment, specially his physiotherapy sessions. Thankfully the hospital is well equipped for the attendants to do their things, so I am not feeling lack of anything. Day just passes off peacefully.
The best part is the room we have, it has a nice partly sea view, it feels pleasant with the Sunrise and Sunset views.

Today was a little relaxed evening, so I got the opportunity of clicking some Sunset pictures from my room window. And moreover today's sunset was also magnificent, loved the colors. Let me share the pictures with you all.


The Mumbai city view







This I clicked in the morning, the view from my room

Amidst all the chaos there is always a reason to smile and that reason is always nature. Nothing is as beautiful and pleasant then what nature gives us.

Thank you for visiting my blog. 👼🏻👼🏻💖💖🌹🌺🌸

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Feels good to see its very positive and you got a good service as well as ambience.

Ohh yes, I am relaxed in other ways. The food and attendant stay is well taken care of.

I'm really pleased to hear your husband has moved from the ICU and back to a normal room, and that his breathing has stabilized. What a scary time this must have been for you. Lovely to hear you are retaining some balance with yoga and breathing and sunsets.

Much love to you.

Thank you my dear, yes it is a big relief, specially the soaring bills of the ICU. Thankfully it's all going well now :-)
Lots of Love 💖

Good health to your man. Everything will be fine. Beautiful pictures. Thank you.

Thank you @yuriy4

Hello @nainaztengra
I hope you and your husband is fine now. I hope he get well soon. Its good to see another Indian here. 😊 Stay safe and stay healthy.

Thank you @travel-cuisine, yes he is on the recovery and all going well. Happy to meet you here :-)
Take care and stay safe in these crazy times

Yeah sure. Thankyou so much. :)

Hi @nainaztengra I hope that your Hubby would fully recover soon, he has this peculiar ailment which I am glad that the doctors had identified and hopefully cure it completely. I am praying for his full recovery.
Keep safe now.