Peninha Chapel (Sintra, Portugal)

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I was going to do a post about peninha a couple of months ago but I never got around to it. Now that I'm stuck at home and with a lot of free time in my hands I decided to do it. Feels good to remember the outdoors...

Screenshot 20200325 at 17.55.18.png

The Chapel is in Sintra and it isn't that easy to find your way there so I advise anyone interested in visiting this place to use a GPS to find his way there. There is a lot of construction going on around the that area so I had to park my car by the side of the road and hike there. It's a 10 minutes uphill hike but the view from the top is so worth it! Check this out:


The view is breathtaking, you can see Lisbon, the river and all the Cascais shore from upthere. I regret taking very few photos of this place but I live close by so I can always revisit.



I was very fortunate to get such a sunny day when I went there. One of the most impressive things is how they were able to build such a large building on top of the biggest hill around Sintra I could barely carry my self upthere, let alone cary giant stones to build the chapel!

12th day of quarantine and the number of new corona cases in Portugal keeps increasing almost everyday. At least remembering this walks takes the edge off being stuck at home.


Boas Fotos. :)
É um sítio que gosto muito.
Já pedia ao meu pai para me levar lá outra vez.


that's very true, now that everyone has so much time on our hands, it the best time to share some of our travel posts.

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Thank you, I will try to use it on my next travel post 😉!

👍 It works on post edits as well!!!

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