Second most unuseful insect

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Cold temperatures are gone, that means there will be minimal amount of insects in our houses like stink bugs that were all over our place. Their place to hang out is in our closets where we stack our clothes and how do they enter there is when we hang our clothes to dry outside they just simply enter inside and stay there for a few days. Fricking stink bugs, they are second most unuseful insects, first place is mosquitoes of course that I hope they won't be in summer but we all know that this wish can't be true.

Anyways, few photos for today, tomorrow will be new one. :)
Enjoy and see ya tomorrow! :)






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No, @miroslavrc, they are third:

  1. politicians
  2. mosquitoes (much smalles bloodsuckers)
  3. stink bugs…

Haha Sounds right :D

Hahaha, that's true. :D

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