First sign of Spring

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Yesterday was around 20 degree Celsius and today is also, so that means little insects started going out. I will try to find new insects around my backyard today, maybe some other species went outside too. For now, just baby spiders, red bugs, flies and some other insect that I don't know name. Soon there will be a lot more to find and I'm prepared for that.
I wanted to improve my macro photography by buying some extension tubes for my camera but I think they will not be delivered to me because I ordered them from China, some people told me that nothing can't pass through border because of situation that screwed every country. Maybe it will be delivered, who knows.

Anyways, enjoy in these few photos that I took. I used some other lens for this photoshooting that doesn't have great magnification but it has nice image quality. See ya tomorrow and stay healthy! :)







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