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Soon macro season will start, for now there is just training for upcoming "event". Now insect still plays hide and seek, but not for a long, probably in few weeks I will be able to find some other but for now we can photograph only few species. I've found some flies that doesn't give a f**k at all, they started "spreading" out and soon there will be a ton of them flying around while we are eating watermelons outside. :D





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Great macro shots

Thank you, I'm glad that you liked it. :)

oh. your nature environment is far reacher.... than what we have here.

Soon it will be much richer than now, full of interesting insects that I don't know name. :D

Amazing photography! What kind of equipment do you use?

Thanks! I used my Canon 6D with some old lens that was macro reversed with adapter. :)

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That's for sure, patience is the key for this kind of photography. :)

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