Wild Thorny Thistles - The Monomad Challenge Nov. 13, 2019

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These wild thorny thistle plants are scattered along the way where I walk the dog in the andalusian hills of Southern Spain. They are now dry and very prickly and they are so common at this time of the year inland of the town where we have our winter holiday.


This flowering plant is characterised by sharp prickled leaves and its thorns which can also be found all over its body, in the stems or the flat leaves . This is sort of the plant´s protective weapon againts herbivores (plant eating animals).


This is my entry to the Monomad Challenge initiated by @monochromes. I am inviting @otom, @olivia08 and @jurich60 to join the fun challenge. Anyone who would like to participate in the challenge can read the rules here.

GIF by @gremayo

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