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These old rusty trucks were seen on a drive through the Wisconsin countryside.



Parked in a cornfield. I wonder if the intent is to restore them someday.




They were seen while traveling a quiet country road, so it was easy enough to stop and take a few photos.

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I really like those old beautiful cars 😍 it's too bad they only get less and less on the streets

They do get more rare to see!

The first truck is pretty sweet, theres enough of it left to build a rat rod and drive it again. The headlights are interesting, they're 5-10 years older than the truck.

I'm impressed! My friend just told me she bought an Enclave, and I had to ask her what she was taking about! No way would I recognize the year the headlights were!😮

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@melinda010100, Son realmente hermosas fotografías, felicitaciones, tienes un nuevo seguidor!

¡Gracias por sus amables palabras!

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I can imagine you stopping to take photos each time you find an interesting one to make ! 😄 I'm so doing the same...LoL 😊
Do you remember the rusty channel on Tsu ? I think it was Carrien that either owned it, or posted A LOT of rusted things 😄

I remember!

Haha ! so Nina you confirm ? 😊

Absolutely! I just don't remember the name of the person who sponsored the theme🤔

The girl I was speaking about is Carien VanHest, but I don't know if she was the owner or a you remember her ?

No, I can't seem to place her name. Maybe @old-guy-photos remember better?

hehe, and me -- when I have camera... even when I am cycling... but each time I struggling with lazyness (it is not very pleasant to jump off and on the bike every few minutes!)

I remember her wonderful rust photos and often wish she was on Steem so that I could continue loving her art. Bravo to you for remembering her name!

She even opened a steem account @carien but did an one and only post ...
She recently wrote me an e mail about a project she wanted to ask me for collaboration, and I positively answered of course 😊 I then received a snail mail a few days ago, she writes a very good french, and I remember she was one of my mods in the "frenchtouch" channel ^_^
BTW @dswigle also was, and Denise was the best mod you can wish to count on ! ❤️

Oh! Glad you are in touch with her and that you may be working together! The connections we make here are treasures!

Yes the connections are incredible aren't they ? Now people meet on the internet before physically meeting, this is our modern times! And sometimes people will even never meet in real life but the friendships are real and genuine nonetheless ^_^ For example, you and me will maybe never meet, but we share together this love for Annecy among other things, and that makes also a valuable connection 😉

I didn't had contact with Carien these last years but she got my e-mail for whatever reason I not remember...I'm enjoying the fact she remembers me and my work 😄

Nice old rusty trucks around Wisconsin countryside photos.

Thanks! I had fun taking pictures of them.

There is a story here Melinda, it could start like this ...... Damn this old bucket has run out of fuel, it can stay where it is for ever .....

That could be the start of a great tale!

It could be ...... hahaha.

I like those very very much, totally my sort of things. and you nailed it, with the help of a good lighting -- a great angles. thanks for capturing and sharing this. 'the discrete beauty of adandoned things'.

Glad you enjoyed them! I had fun taking the photos!

Those are super cool pictures you stopped for. Each window and the doors say a story of their own 😍👌

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Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you enjoyed them!

Emotive pic Melinda🙏

Thanks so much!

Cool photos! I love those old rusty wrecks one comes across in the country, dilapidated buildings and farm equipment too. I always want to go grab some shots but jumping fences here and onto a farmers land might get one shot in turn, so...Yeah, I stay on my side of the fence. 😃

I was on my side of the fence... This time! 😁

Good work! I wouldn't have divulged the truth of it to the farmer if you were on the other side. I got your back. :)

Usually I can get away with it. A little old lady with a camera is not much of a threat! 👵📸😂

Oh yeah, good ploy.✅

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I used to restore old beach cruiser bicycles and Vespa scooters in Indiana many eons ago. It was so easy to drive around the local countryside and just ask random farmers to look in old barns for any bicycles. I could usually get them for free.

It always is good to find someone who has a use for something that is of no value to you anymore! Bet you made people happy by restoring their old bikes!

I think this one is beyond repair. Somebody probably thought it was an easy way to get rid of the old thing. 😊

Ha! And others disagree with you! 😂

Never mind - they don't have to agree with me. 😂

That truck should be shooted in the film! Like your pictures as always!

Thank you! I'm glad you like these!

Great Car and great pictures

Thanks so much!

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Howdy Melinda!Those are wonderful, I always wonder why they're left out in a field.

Thanks! Maybe the garage is full of trucks that have already been restored.

Howdy Melinda! Yeah maybe those in the fields are just waiting their turn! lol. Out in the field up there is bad because of all the moisture.

I thought they were gone. How many years have passed.
Interesting pictures, Melinda.

Very old trucks. Don't see such on the roads again.

Very cool! I never see them in the right place/time, like that. There seem to be a lot more of them in Wisconsin than here in MN, which might play a part in that. It looks like they'd need quite a lot of work to restore at this point, but they might make nice flower planters!

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