Smartphone Photos + COVID-19's Impact On Schools In Finland

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My daughter's former school


Those tires were installed after she had changed school after we moved.

Pupils in grades 1-3 have been allowed to come to school if their parents cannot work from home. Only 7% of those eligible have made use of the opportunity. That number is surprisingly low. But Finnish children are taught independence from an early age on. It is not uncommon at all for kids in first grade, some of whom haven't even turned seven, yet, to wake up to an alarm clock set for them, help themselves to breakfast made for them by their parents, get dressed and go to school by city bus on their own. It's not the usual case but sometimes children's schooldays may begin later than their parents' work days.

The country is safe enough for that sort of thing. Wide pavements for pedestrians and cyclists are a given cities. Most streets and roads within urban areas have bicycle and pedestrian paths separate from the street or road. Lahti in particular shines in this regard. There are pedestrian underpasses everywhere, including the sparsely populated suburbs.


This is an industrial railway that hasn't been used for decades.

IMG_3141 2.JPG

The same railway.








Daffodils. These were taken with my iPhone and edited with Windows Photo editor.

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