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Today I will talk about this curious insect called Coenagrion scitulum is a species of small size, with the head extended to the sides, large and separated eyes, the female and the male show different characteristics both in color and size.


Hoy hablaré de este curioso insecto llamado Coenagrion scitulum es una especie de tamaño pequeño, con la cabeza alargada hacia los lados, ojos grandes y separados, la hembra y macho muestras características diferentes tanto en coloración como tamaño.

This photographs are of a male since they are a paler color than the female and the dark stripes are more opaque,What seems curious to me about this beautiful insect is that in certain images it seems to smile, but this is it because keeps it with its mouth open to catch tiny insects that fly between the plants such as mosquitoes.


Las siguientes fotografías son de un macho ya que son de un color más pálido que la hembra y las rayas oscuras son más opacas, lo que me parece curioso de este bello insecto es que en ciertas imágenes pareciera sonreir, esto es porqué mantiene con la boca abierta para sobre el vuelo atrapar insector diminutos que vuelan entre las plantas tales como mosquitos.

They generally live in tropical climates and near a water source; In this case, my garden is visited by these insects because it has a small pile of water for birds to quench their thirst.


Ellos en general viven en climas tropicales y cerca de una fuente de agua; en este caso mi jardín es muy visitado por estos insectos ya que cuenta con una pequeña pila de agua puesta para que aves calmen su sed.

The predators of the coenagrion scitulum are dragonflies of a larger size, some birds and the praying mantis; That said this of ​​passage at some point I will share with all your the images of a dragonfly hunted by a praying Mantis, something, sad but the food chain is like that.


Los depredadores de los coenagrion scitulum son libelulas de un tamaño mayor, algunas aves y las Mantis religiosas; que dicho sea de paso en algún momento compartiré con todos imágenes de una libélula cazada por una Mantis religiosa, algo triste pero es así la cadena alimenticia.

Without further arguing for the moment I say goodbye but not before thanking you in advance for the time you took to read my publication and I hope you liked it. See you soon


Sin más que argumentar por el momento me despido no sin antes agradecer de antemano el tiempo que tomaste para leer mi publicación y espero haya sido de tu agrado.






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Great job! These macro photographs are excellent :)

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Nice shots

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Wonderful photos and info!

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Awesome post! What big eyes he has! :)

I read your praying mantis post also, and it was excellent as well! I'm really glad you are with us here at PHC, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your content!

Hello! Thank you very much for giving you the time to see my publications, thanks for your words and support I am also very happy to be part of phc 😊😊

Small and intriguing looks like body of dragonfly yet a face that more resembles the mantis.

Thanks for sharing, cross posting to #amazingnature with @adalger

I still don't understand that cross posting, I think I should learn more about this and how beneficial it could be for the original author.
Thanks for your support 😊

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You post about nature, it would be very beneficial to join #DNA they added the links in your comments section. Read the requirements and have a wonderful day.

Oh, that sounds great, I thank you very much for the information, I did not know about the subject for that reason I said I would investigate, also you have a great day and thanks again 😊🙌
I apologize if I said something inappropriate or it sounded bad English is not my mother tongue I use a translator and often changes the context of things ☺

Never apologize for translation, I am unable to speak Spanish along with many other languages. Have a wonderful weekend.

Great photos @lourdeshd6 💕

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Thank you so much @wonderwop 😊❤

Love the shots. Here in our area I used to see hundreds of them before a storm arrives. I do not see they anymore, don't know what happened to them.

Oh, the truth is a real pleasure to watch them flutter, I hope they come back and you can enjoy that such beautiful insects.
Thank you 😊😊

Great pictures. These fellows are certainly interesting. Hard to catch in all their splendour

Hello! Thank you 😊
Yes, some are very difficult, but others are very calm, although having the object to be photographed so small, the task becomes laborious.

Lovely captures of the dragonfly @lourdeshd6.

Thank you very much for your support 😊😊

Wow! You took these close-up photos with a smart phone @lourdeshd6? Impressive! And you have provided a lot of info about a very interesting looking creature. With those eyes, doesn't look like they miss much of anything!

Thank you for sharing your fine work with the PHC Community. Have a great day!

Yes, only with a smartphone, it is a laborious thing to achieve but the truth is that insects cooperate a lot, they are a real beauty!
Thank you! You too to

There`s something about dragonflies that makes them so gracious. Maybe the fairy type wings and the hypnotic eyes...

Yes its true! What I love most of them are those big eyes always on the camera hehehe

Oye Lourdes que fotos tan buenas. He visto muchas fotos de estos pequeños pero no sabía de está especie ¿Usas lentes macros para hacer estás tomas?

Hello Maria
I do not use any macro lens, it is only my 13 megapixel camera on my smartphone, I really get quite close and they usually cooperate a lot.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful photography with us and sprinkling the post with information about them. I like your style and the other pieces that you have written.

I look forward to seeing more of your writing!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Hi pretty
Thank you very much for your words and support I appreciate it much 😊

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Lovely shots my friend and over here we call them "Damselflies"
Damselflies are not Dragonflies, but they belong to the same order of insects titled "Odonata".
In the "Donata" order there are two sub orders.
Damselflies=Zygoptera and Dragonflies=Anisoptera

"Odonata" means "toothed jaw" in Greek.
Blessings to you!

Excellent information Sir Stephen! I never heard of damselflies before. The name sounds so "proper," as though one should take a bow or curtsey when encountering them.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the subject with us! Blessings! @papilloncharity💫

My pleasure Lady Nina and I only know them because I trained myself as a new photographer snapping dragonflies.

Only afterwards did I find out that the guy that I asked about photography methods was making a joke, as he thought dragonflies were impossible to get. And I have gotten many of them and also damselflies.

Glad that I did as it was good for me!

Oh go very grateful for your support, thanks also for the information provided 😊😊

Only a pleasure my friend and I only thought to help.

They're so quick to fly off and away too! You were lucky to get a few nice photos. Thank you for the informative post!!

¡Son tan rápidos para volar y alejarse también! Tuviste suerte de tomar algunas buenas fotos. ¡Gracias por la publicación informativa!

Yes, I was really lucky, I could get close enough for the shots. Thanks for your support.😊

Wow, what beautiful photographs and even more fabulous and interesting information. I congratulate you on this excellent content. @lourdeshd6

Oh, wow! I thank you very much for your beautiful words and support 😊🙌

What is she thinking i wonder. This is great as all your nature blogs, thanks you are a great addition to the discords and steemit

Thank you very much for your beautiful words, you are a beautiful person and I really appreciate your words, thank you ❤❤❤

That's an interesting looking insect, for sure! They definitely come in all shapes and sizes. I think you did a great job of photographing this one!

Yes, it is true they vary in size, colors and shapes, there really is a whole world to know, thank you so much for your support ❤

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Your photography is amazing! And is great that your subjects sat still for you.