Enjoying a silent walk

in #photography11 months ago


After working from home the whole day, I managed to convince myself to ignore the fact that I’m tired and go for a walk...



As you can see the roads were quite empty because of covid...


I keep respecting the social distancing rule of 1,5m distance if I encounter someone, but it is pretty empty...


Finally enjoying sunset going back to home... Have a nice day/night people!



What's going on? My roads are filled with overly active people. Trying to bike, skate, run, walk, skateboard, longboard, even snakeboard. While awkwardly trying to keep a distance.

Haha, I guess nobody is taking the risk of getting a fine of 400 euro :P
Maybe towards the city center, the parks are a bit more crowded. But I must admit that I also enjoy the quietness here :)

Nice park you have there. I guess the whole globe is kind of like an abandoned movie set. I am disappointed that I can't enjoy spring to its fullest.

The weather is getting better. It was like 18 degrees today. Really feels like the spring is finally here. I agree that it is not like spring as usual, but still, it feels good if you take a walk and enjoy the unpolluted nature these days.

What a sunset!

Beautiful! :)

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