Bruges, Belgium. At night. (12 photos)

in photography •  6 months ago 

I fell in love with this city. Despite the overcrowded day, the night was calm, warm and beautiful and I spent a lot of time choosing places and creating long exposure photos.

Enjoy and don't forget to upvote my works to support my artistic endeavors. Thank you!













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Oh! Much appreciated! :)

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WOW!!! the water reflection capturing is awesome skill and the sign of creative mind.

Thanks a lot for your kind words!

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You are more than Welcome.🤩

Of course I have viewed these beautiful pictures because I live 30 km from Bruges and I regularly come there. You no longer notice the beauty of this city ... but these pictures have shaken me awake

Thanks for your kind words! I have to admit, I tend to not look and notice at the beauties of the town I live in now. I guess when we get to use to them, we stop paying attention...

Hey mate, glad you went to Bruges.
If I’m not mistaken we talked about Bruges after my travel post about Bruges.

Pretty good photos!

You're absolutely right! Thanks so much, the info you shared in your article was very valuable to us, the places, the parking, all ;)

Thank you :)

Good to hear my post was helpful!
You’re welcome :)

Hopefully you enjoyed from the city. We liked it very much.

We enjoyed it a lot, indeed! ;)
IMHO, one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium. And we visited many during our photo-trip ;)

Great shots!


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Bruges is a fastinating city! So beautiful and peaceful, loved it there. ♥
Nice photos @lightcaptured ! ;)

Thanks a lot, Jana! :) Keep on dreaming :)

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