Classic black and white photography from the archives!

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Obstacles, all day. It seems like there’s been a cosmic force getting in the way of my productivity today. I know that’s not the case. Too many things. I’ve been spreading myself too thin and I find myself stuck in decision paralysis. @eos.detroit logo work, comic design, some artwork for @lovejoy, writing, blogging, VLOG recording, homeschooling, cooking, cleaning and trying to carve out just a little time for myself. It’s a lot and I’m feeling, like Bilbo Baggins would say, “…thin, like butter stretched across too much bread.”

Tonight, I’m taking a half hour to share some photography that has never been published on Hive, or any other platform. It’s some of my black and white work and I’m not sure why it tends to get sidelined. I’m really proud of it. In fact, for about four years, I did an annual all inclusive photography event called NOIR. I hosted it in Minneapolis, New York City and LA, three years in a row. It was boudoir sessions in the style of Old Hollywood classic pinup; all black and white. It was a huge success and would sell out every time.

Maybe because as my dark pinup work evolved, I started to fall more in love with the subtleties of the color in the shadows of what I was shooting, but it recently occurred to me that I rarely share the monochromic imagery I take. I think I realized that today seeing some of @eveuncovered’s black and white film photography she’s been sharing as of late. Don’t get your hopes up for that, though. I can dig in to the archives for black and white but I have no interest, time or money to be experimenting with film.

These are just a few of my favorites. I’ve used a few of these photos for ads for NOIR, but other than that, I haven’t even looked at them in years. I really should begin sharing a more of my black and white work, maybe once a month here on Hive. @lensy is a new NFT DAPP build on Hive. I was just whitelisted and I’ll be sharing tokenized digital assets of my photography in the next few weeks, for sure. I’m mostly known on Hive for photography, so this’ll be a great opportunity to collect some limited edition NFT’s.


Beautiful. Love your shots man !

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Cool... I like this black and white 😊👌🍷

Really took a lot of good pictures. What I like most is the address of the girl who is sitting with likes. The addresses are really beautiful and the picture is very beautiful.

There's magic in that lens....

They are indeed beautiful! I like black and white, it's just so powerful to express an emotion through the subtleties of monochrome

I love black and white photography. It is basically the only thing my dad used to shoot in for a while. He is color blind so when he had his dark room he only ever worked with B&W because he knew he wouldn't be able to tell if the colors were right if he tried to develop and print color photos. I can still remember the smells from that place. Great stuff! I hear you about spreading yourself thin!

lovely black and whites!

Exquisite - I like b/w - even with own my art, I sooner work in pencil or charcoal.
I have a Q about OCA (you are a moderator there) - I wonder what it would take to get recognized as a "verified artist". On Hivebuzz I submitted my website and social links. But that is a separate thing, I understand. To proof that I am "real", my website link is on my profile header. On the website, there are all my other links. 😎

I guess black and white photography is much more difficult that colored ones as you need to take notice of the subtle difference in colors. Great shots worthy of praise.