A Bunch of Leaves

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I used to take daily photography walks, a way to take a break from the day and spend some time in nature. One of my favorite things was to find the details in nature... those things that sometimes we don’t notice. That Hidden Beauty we pass by everyday without a second glance.

There is something really inspiring about finding those details and capturing them to showcase to the world. A good reminder to notice the small things, and that sometimes things aren’t always as they seem.

Well lately I have been uninspired, (not shocking for some, I know).. and haven’t been doing any photography. I think sometimes, because I’m just an amateur, I get discouraged easily and you know ... life.

So today I decided to just force myself to go and take photos, as sometimes my stubborn ass needs to be forced to do things, and was immediately frustrated that there was nothing to photograph besides A bunch of leaves.

After another kick in my own ass I realized I was falling into old habits.. as sometimes there is nothing more beautiful than a simple leaf.

As each one is incredibly unique, and each tells a story.. you just have to take the time to see it.

And even those that seem battered and bruised, still carry a light within.. and such intricate details that you can only see if you get close enough to notice its true beauty.

The hidden beauty of leaves has always been one of my favorites, and I guess I rediscovered it a bit today... I just had to take the time to see it...







I hope you take the time to notice the hidden beauty around you today. Whether that’s in a simple leaf or perhaps one of our fellow complicated human beings.

As we all have a story to tell, and a unique hidden beauty within.. We just have to take the time to see it.

Much Love,


All photos are my own and taken with a fuji X-T2/35mm


No leaf today, just some plastic lawn. Bloody beautiful! :)

Stunning!!! You gotta get down there and really get the details though! I wanna see those glue drips at base of that plastic. 🙂 Gotta find those details.

best i could get. wore my periscope suit for safety :)

LOL! Now we are talking! Love it ❤️

Getting outside into nature is always good medicine. This pic is particularly magical, love the blurred shapes and colors in the water

Totally agree.. a walk in nature can cure almost anything.

Thank you! That is actually my favorite.. very dreamy to me.

That's more like it. Nice job.

I see that hidden beauty @justineh (then couldn't resist to share my own second glance)

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Oh beautiful! Love that red color 😍

Exactly what I thought when walking underneath. Love Autumn colours

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Nice Photos! I grew up in CT and loved the fall, today I am in Vietnam and thier is no fall... :(. Thanks for the photos tho, reminds me of home. Going to start and follow your posts!

Awe darn 😕 well I’m glad you found a bit of fall in my photos .. I’m currently craving snow (and it’s 90 degrees outside) so I can relate a bit. Thanks for stopping by ❤️

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I tool this the other day I was out walking.
I wanna get into a habbit of walking and taking pictures :D

Beautiful leaces with beautiful texture! I really do love fall :D


I generally prefer time spent with nature to time spent with most people, not always mind, just usually, as most people are repellant. I agree in that so many people don't see what's right in front of them, in nature and in other people, and I think it's partly because people are always seeking more...More of everything, in a bid to satisfy that need to validate themselves for others. In the pursuit of more, they miss what is right there in front of them, in the now.

Just my thoughts. Those sentiments don't relate to everyone though, there are some people, and things, that shine through and become valuable components of life. It's that way for me anyway.

Glad you photographed some leaves - I am taking a guess that you felt good about it, and what they made you feel.

You got a great photography!

Natural nature Beauty!

Nice leaves. I too like the one with them struggling to stay afloat. Poor leaves.

Ahah, they will be fine! And don’t worry, they will feel totally validated when the masterful Korean chart maker pays the post a visit shortly 😜

Loved these photos! Especially the one with the water.

The leaves look great :)

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Cool shots, I like how you captured the leaves and colors :)

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I steal the leaves
but I'll bring them back in Spring