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RE: Frosty Autumn / Frostiger Herbst

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Thank you so much for your compliments @suzana72 🙂
My daughter and I have been very positive surprised by the fog. It changed the forest to a magical or mystic place 😉

We had that photo shooting last Friday afternoon, and I am looking forward to see your photos.



Just like you say. The forest has more of a face. @johannpiber 😊At least you enjoyed it. We were late coming back and the night caught us. The first time I went so late. I liked it ... and then there was another forest.🤗 Lep dan ti želim

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In the evenings a foggy forest can look very different from the forest you know on sunny days, and it even could get a bit scary when the fog moves around.
Cool, that you liked it - I prefer the mornings before everybody and everything awakes, but the evenings are very nice too when everything calms down and the silence arrives.

Once again, thank you very much @suzana72, have a nice day too 🙂
ep dan ti želim ... is this Slovenian for have a nice day? Google said so, because I speak German and English only 😉


Hey @suzana72, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!