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Walking in the Woods / Waldspaziergänge

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Good morning @melinda010100 🙂

I need my time to find the easiest way to go after leaving the Curation League. When I was in the League I spent more time on commenting and replying than on anything else. That's why I left - just to have more time for editing photos and posting...
I promise I'll have one or more looks at UFM and all you mentioned, but I don't know if I'll find enough time besides my job and my photos. I even haven't found any time for my website or other photo stuff besides Steemit for months.
Today will be a long day at work, tomorrow I don't think I'll come home early from a photo trip I have planned, and on Sunday morning my weekend will be over, because I'm working. Luckily I can Steem at work, but only minute by minute - sometimes longer of course ;).

They say that cold !COFFEEA makes one beautiful. I wonder if warm !BEER does the same 😉

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There are simply not enough hours in the day! 😘

That's so right @melinda010100 👍
I wished I could work all night long and have the daytime for other things ... who needs to sleep? 😉

A hot morning !COFFEEA is very important for me to wake up from my !DERANGED dreams 😉

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