Garbage Assimilation / Müll Assimilation

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Once I would like to find a place where there is no garbage.

Ich möchte einmal einen Ort finden, wo kein Müll ist.

Soboth Reservoir / Soboth Stausee
Carinthia - Styria

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Canon EOS R | EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS II USM

The place in the forest at the Soboth reservoir, where I found this bottle today, is completely overgrown and no recognizable path leads there. I suppose, someone further up in the forest threw the empty bottle towards the reservoir and it landed here in the moss.
The moss probably believes that if it grows over and into the bottle, it will decompose.

Der Platz im Wald am Soboth Stausee, wo ich diese Flasche heute gefunden habe, ist komplett verwachsen und kein erkennbarer Weg führt dorthin. Wahrscheinlich hat jemand die leereFlasche weiter oben im Wald in Richtung Stausee geworfen und sie ist hier im Moos gelandet.
Das Moos glaubt wahrscheinlich, wenn es über und in die Flasche wächst, wird sie sich zersetzen.

❖ click the image for fullsize view ❖

Canon EOS R | EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS II USM

People, just take your garbage back home or at least to a trash can. You have been able to carry it there - after you've finished your bottle, it's lighter anyway.

Leute, nehmt doch einfach euren Müll wieder mit nach Hause oder wenigstens bis zu einem Mülleimer. Hintragen habt ihr die Sachen auch können - nachdem ihr die Flasche ausgetrunken habt, ist sie ohnehin leichter.


Location / Standort: Soboth Reservoir
Soboth Reservoir - Wikipedia Stausee Soboth - Wikipedia

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[//]:# (!steemitworldmap 46.681724 lat 15.034359 long Soboth-Reservoir d3scr)

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I would like it too

Thanks a lot for your comment, @versofuster 🙂


Ain't it the truth... trash everywhere...

To be honest, it's not everywhere, but there's nearly no place where I haven't seen any trash. It's just annoying how stupid people are.


Ohh yes that is such a pet peeve of mine it seems that wherever you go one always finds rubbish that people are just to lazy to clean up after themselves


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I just cannot understand this: they keep their backyard and gardens clean, they keep their house clean - why not places where they go, because they like them? All they have to do is to take their garbage to the next bin.

I don't know, if the 🍺 bot is working, because I don't get any confirmation, but I do hope so.

yeah its a mentality I do not understand either

I was wondering if !BEER was working but lets try

Most of them are tourists, but not all though - many tourists leave their brain at home, but what should I say about the local people?

If !BEER works then it's fine, if not then the @beerlover might send them all together later on ;)

Whenever the !BEER flows it is a bonus I think :)

I think, that all ordered !BEER have been delivered in the past hour 🙂

OK thats good to know


Yes, it is flowing again - all open !BEER orders are delivered 🙂

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Hey @johannpiber, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

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This reminds me ... “The planet is fine. The people are fucked.” – George Carlin
And his video "Saving the planet"

That's so true @zirochka - I cannot remember any place, where I haven't found anything.
People are so stupid - they go to these beautiful places because they love the nature, and then they throw their garbage on the ground, right where they are standing and admire the beautiful view 😭


I agree, nevee could understand their behaviour. Probably, there are people who ... don't used to think at all :(

But they are able to think at home, where they put their garbage into the trashcan, where it belongs to. Maybe they all forget their brain at home ;)


There is no non-weird explanation for this

That's so true, what you are saying, dear @zirochka 🙂
I wish you a nice Saturday evening and a great Sunday tomorrow :)


Thank you, and same to you, my dear friend!


Was Natural or sparkling? 😂😛

Posted using Partiko Android

Haha 🙂
The label was unfortunately no longer on the bottle 😉 lol


My garden is free from garbage but people dump theirs here in the country. Happy Saturday. 💕

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That's what I meant - at home they are all "garbage-free" in their gardens and backyards, but they change as soon as they are somewhere else. I hate it and often I have to shout very loud, when I see stuff like this in the nature.
Thank you so much for your nice comment, @wakeupkitty, I wish you a nice Saturday evening too 🙂


What I wonder about is why people get into their car with their garbage bags and dump them at my place. If they drive to the opposite direction their are plenty of containers. Truck drivers do it too.

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They do that? Really? If I would see one dumping his trash at my place, it would be the last time he or she has done that, believe me ;)


Yes, the bags are there. Before I had a fence they even dumped it in my garden. In the end I needed two trucks to drive it to a garbage heap somewhere else because the one we had is closed.
☹ Now they don't dare I have a fence and 5 guards who do not bark but bite. 😄

Posted using Partiko Android

That's weird and I do really wonder, what some people are thinking - probably nothing because of a missing brain ;)
Let them bite 👍😉


@johannpiber It is indeed. Perhaps it feels better to dump it on a landroad as in a container?❤️

Like the cows on the field - they let their sh*t fall where they want ;) lol


Hey @wakeupkitty, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Leave only foot prints, take only photographs.

Very nice said, my friend, if only everybody would think so. 🙂


Definitely! Thanks for the beer. Prost!

You're welcome, @kunschj,
good morning and cheers 🙂

I don't know, if the 🍺 bot is working, because I don't get any confirmation, but I do hope so.

Leider verschmutzen die Menschen heute die Natur, anstatt sie zu schützen und ihre Schönheit zu genießen

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Richtig, Maja, leider sind die Naturschützer in der Minderheit.
Was ich wirklich nicht verstehe, ist, dass die Leute in die Natur gehen, weil sie sie lieben und Freude daran haben, und dann lassen sie ihren Dreck überall liegen.

Ich weiß nicht, ob der 🍺 bot funktioniert, weil ich keine Bestätigung erhalte, aber ich hoffe schon.

upvoted and resteemed
by the


Thank you very much for resteeming my post, @artmentor, I appreciate it 🙂


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Thank you very much 🙂

Good sense photography

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Thank you very much for your nice comment, @shuvo35, I appreciate it 🙂


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It all comes down to private property rights.

Right, but especially the forest owners cannot have their eyes everywhere.
Thanks a lot for your comment, @joeyarnoldvn 🙂


Can they have fences and walls?

Of course, you could build a wall or a fence around your forest, but this would not make any sense - what about the wildlife? I don't think, you are allowed to lock up wild animals in your forest ;)
Also there are hiking paths all around, which people can freely use, so fences or walls are no option.



Have a witness !BEER

Thanks a lot for the !BEER @isnochys, I do hope, that the @beerlover delivers 😉

Nice photography.

Thank you very much for liking my photos, @kamrunnahar, I appreciate it 🙂


  ·  last month (edited)

yes.. did the beer warehouse open its doors again?!

!BEER :)))))))

Yes, the !BEER is flowing again 🙂

Hey @qwerrie, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

ps. lovely shot! but i considered it about a different thing, before I opened it. i thought its about how the nature, using it force, ytilises, balances our garbage, making it a part of the nature stuff again (the subject I always like to watch, in others fotos, and enjoy to shoot myself). -- the thing, that always amazes me!

Very nice and thoughtful words, thank you so much for these, @qwerrie 🙂
Right, the nature tries her best to repair what we damage, but sometimes she has not the power, just as this moss cannot recycle the plastic bottle.
Thank you so much - I wish you a great week, @qwerrie 🙂


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Thank you so very much 🙂

You need some goats there, they eat anything!
There's a bunch of foreigners on these posts sir johannpiber, what are they, dog gone Germans?

I don't think, the goats would eat the plastic bottle - but who knows?

You mean the commenters? Yes, Germans and from many other countries I guess :)


Yes I mean the commenters, there are many Germans lurking around, you have to be very careful about them. lol.

The ones which comment are the nice ones and I haven't got any bad comment yet - from nobody, I think ;)


That is amazing. I've been called all kinds of names and unfollowed, downvoted, people wishing me dead and all kinds of hatred.

If I don't like someones posts I ignore them. I would not comment in such a bad way, unless he or she is a real bad person that needs to be stopped.
And if someone would call me names because of me of because of my photos, I would ask him for a reason. If I get a good reason, then I would take it as a critique and try to make it better next time, if not, I would mute and ignore him or her.


Usually if they are real mean then I just thank them for commenting and for their opinion. lol. A couple weeks ago I got a comment that was a half page of telling me how stupid I was! But that is what happens whenever you touch on subject's which could be controversial. In this case though, I was just asking a question.

People are stupid - not all, but many. This is, why I try to stay neutral if someone asks me about something I don't want to speak about or I am not interested in.
Have a !BEER and forget it ;)

Hey @janton, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Hey @janton, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Howdy sir beerlover it's another great day for the operation!

Hey @janton, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Thanks sir beerlover, those bits really add up fast!

Hey @janton, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

You guys are doing great today sir beerlover, thank you!