The Military Shirt Roll - A how-to Guide!

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The Military Shirt Roll - A how-to Guide!


If you're looking for a way to save size in your backpack, I highly recommend you learn how to do the military shirt roll for T-shirts and clothing.

By utilizing this method, it will help to reduce the packing size of your pack freeing up more room for those precious treasures you may pick up while on the road.

Here are the eight steps to the Military shirt roll.

Step one:

Lay your shirt out flat.

Step two:

Make a small 2-inch fold on the bottom of the shirt.

Step three:

Fold one side of the shirt in about halfway and fold back the sleeve.

Step four:

Do the same opposite side.

Step five:

Start rolling from the top of the shirt down towards that 2-inch fold at the bottom.

Step six:

Stop about an inch away from where you made that to enfold when you get to the bottom.

At this point, it's where it gets a bit tricky. You are, in essence, trying to make a little shirt burrito.

Step seven:

Reach in and pull out the bottom, making a small pocket than use that pocket to wrap over the burrito you made. It should be almost as if the bottom of the shirt is eating the top part.

Step eight:

If you have done right, it will look like this.

The Military Shirt Roll

Don't get disappointed if you don't get the Mitlery shirt roll on the first try. Give it a go again as it may take you one or two attempts to master this technique, but I'm sure you can learn this method, and be happy you did!

Do you have any packing tips or techniques you like to use?

Post them below in the comments I would love to hear what your methods are!


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