Popping Party People Photos Part 1

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Popping Party People Photos Part 1

They say in every life a little rain must fall.. but what also holds true is that in every life a little sun must shine, a little party must party, and a little epic bash must bash.

Today's collection of photos features some popping party people. Popping in the sense that they are hopping throwing down for what, a good time.

I will try to leave some commentary below each photo to give it some context for you.


  • DJ living large underneath the sunshade, he was dropping some mad Latin beats!


  • These are my two friends were quite excited to see the first bus being delivered for party people to party


  • This was the bus driver of the pink party bus. Please note the dancing pig on his T-shirt and is okay smile.


  • These ladies are the receptionist to a check people in.


  • There was also artists who were selling things in writing notes while I believe check Tinder...


  • Artists were painting murals as well.


  • Many smiling faces and people enjoying the afternoon.


  • One of these two people is me... Can you guess who? if you said the security guard in the background you get points.

-This particular person inspired me to perhaps start to wear a turban around...


  • Here we have some B boys doing some sanctioned graffiti.


  • Some cool cats about to start their afternoon party.

Just some party photos of some people. Perhaps A slice of life, a window into another world. Perhaps you enjoy it perhaps not but here you go and have a good day. :)


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Are you the guy with the security in the background? Someone obviously didn't want you on the photo.

Lolz, Yes, I am that guy. Hahaha.
How are you @ewkaw . Whats been good in your world?

I knew it! The "two people" was a good hint :D :D

Good? Let me think... right now only the cold water and ice is good. Heat is killing me!

Word, I hear you. Here in Vietnam, the heat yesterday on the bike was like an oven! Phew.

Well, stopped by your blog, wanted to check out some of your posts... but you only had reblogs (*Thanks by the way ;) )... when you going to drop some fresh content?

Yep.. Oven! I wish it was Autumn already.

I do post every day :) https://hive.blog/@ewkaw/posts

OH SNAP...Why did I not see these, I did see them, I upvoted you... WTF is wrong with my eyes... LIFE YOU FAIL ME...

Ok, lets pretend none of this happened.


Hahaha blame the heat!

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