Just north of Vihn City in Vietnam.

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Just north of Vihn City in Vietnam.

This last weekend I took a sleeper bus from Danang in Central Vietnam, north to about an hour outside of Vihn City. The sleeper bus was an adventure let me tell you. HAHAH. Its made for Vietnamanmease sized people and not a western sized person. But... that is not what this post is about.

I took a bunch of photos on the trip and will post them here for you to enjoy my friend. :D


  • Around 1 in the afternoon I set off on a walk to take some photos. This was the first picture I took.


  • This is a memorial to the fighters of the war.


  • It looked like it had seen better days, but still impressive. At night it lit up a flashed crazy colors.


  • I love the shops here with all their goods on the street. Thought at night someone brings in all the goods as well... ugh.. that must get old fast.


  • Quite so, the biggest and nicest looking building was the 3 story Motorscooter shop! Fancy! I wonder if they serve coffee with a new bike.


  • Looking down some back streets.

The wall of signs letting you know about things.


  • Not the best short, but the way this shop was nestled in the side of the building was ... .. nice.


  • I wonder what they sell here... :D


  • And here... Hahha jk.. the cages were wild. I tried to get a shot inside, but the owner said no and chased me out.


  • This was another street that will be explored some other day.

I will post more photos tomorrow after I get to editing em. :)

Enjoy and travel well.


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I'm heading out to viet nam in april. Can't wait! My friend from there is coming out to Chicago to stay with me for a few weeks in February. A cultural exchange haha. Looks like an interesting place. I really want to motorbike through the mountains in Ha Giang.

Fantastic! That is the northern loop if I remember right. You will have a great time!!! If you make it to central Vietnam, look me up and let's get a beer. Haha!

Oh, yea. Also... you need a Visa to come here (1 or 3 months, single or multi-entry)... if you don't have one they won't let you on to the flight over. let me know if you need help getting one. I have an agent in town here that can help.

Vietnam city is really beautiful.

It really is a fantastic place. :)

Hi jacuzzi.Glad to see your city.

Thanks! Not so much in my city, I am in Hoi An in Central Vietnam. This is the city of my friend Dia :D Still tho, thank you for your support!!!

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Vietnam seems to be a cool place! Have a good one @jacuzzi ;)

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