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This post is a perfect example of attaching (almost) random photos to any text that just comes out of the writers head.

Näsijärvi, Tampere

– What an awesome sunset! What an awesome landscape. I love Finnish nature and the lakes we have. Let me take a photo of this, it's so beautiful.
– You wouldn't call it beautiful if you knew what is floating in the lake. What lies underneath the surface. Microplastics. Poison. Trash. Garbage.
– But we don't have that in Finland! That's somewhere out there, in Asia or some other far far away country. I know, I've been there. Several times. Flew with my family there and spent my Christmas holidays in some warm country. It's cheaper to go to Asia than spending the same week or two in a hotel in Finland.
– Cheaper? Cheaper to whom? You? To your children? To their children? To the earth?
– Oh shut up! I am almost a vegetarian so flying with a plane few times a year must be allowed. I use oat milk in my coffee and own an electric bicycle and an electric scooter, have a sun panel on my boat, so I've done plenty to this whole thing that people lecture about, saving the world thing. But did you see the awesome blood red sunset the other day? It was beautiful!

All photos: CC BY-SA 4.0 - Insaneworks
Pyhäjärvi, Tampere

– The color was from the forest fires from almost the other side of the earth.
– Thank goodness it's far away from us. We are not so irresponsible that we would intentionally cause such drought here.
– But our actions here affect the whole world. Just like something happening on the other side of the world eventually does something here too.
– You are shitting me. What you are saying is that this air here and this pretty lake is somehow connected to the air on the other side of the world? And to the oceans. No way! That's ludicrous!
– No I'm not shitting you. Air and water obey no country borders.


Natural History Museum of Central Finland, Jyväskylä

– Our lakes and the Baltic Sea sea are pure! You can eat the fish from our lakes like every day!
– Well, actually it's not recommended to eat fish more than 2 or 3 times per week because of toxic chemicals like dioxins and PCBs.
– Yeah but I heard that that is just a scheme to create mass hysteria. It's not true. Our lakes are clean.
– It's not a scheme. It's a wide known fact.


– Fact my ass! What do you know. You are spreading fake news with your so called statements from your "scientists". People just don't litter nature in Finland. We don't throw toxic waste to the water or garbage to the streets.
– Well, actually...
– One bike does not prove anything! And that is an arranged photo. That bike was deliberately dragged there to create the illusion of people throwing trash in to the water. And what if there happens to be one or two bikes in some lake or sea bay. It's such a tiny amount that it does no difference to all this. Nature can handle it. And where do you think all the material was taken that was used to make the bike? Nature of course, so it's just going back to the nature.

I walk, therefore I am. Tampere

– It's not just one bike. With these amounts of poison, pollution and garbage, nature can't handle it anymore. We all should do everything we can to help the nature. And we are not talking about a quick fix or an occasional diet or something that lasts for a week or a moth or so. We should change the way of living. Change the way we think.
– So you are saying I should change the way I live when majority of the people doesn't seem to do that? When people in India or China litter more than I ever could, you are saying that I should give up my privileges? The things that I have worked so hard for?
– I'm sorry, I don't quite get what you mean. Worked hard for your privileges?
– Yeah! Like the right to drive a car. The right to go on a holiday with an airplane. The right to eat what I want, live where I want, how I want and own as many cars, houses and boats I want.
– Okay, I think you have understood something wrong here...
– Let's just agree to disagree. I can't deal with you making me feel bad about myself and the way I live. I have earned everything I have and I have a right to not think about all that stuff that is clearly meant to make people scared about their future. We have nothing to be scared about.

All photos: CC BY-SA 4.0 - Insaneworks

– I am not trying scare you. All I'm saying is that we all should take action. Do little and also big things. More than we already do. Change the world by changing our way of life and the way we think. Walk more. Cycle more. Use public transport. Make decisions that are not harmful to the nature. Consume less. Not litter. Buy stuff only when we need them. Demand better quality and longer life from the products we buy. Take responsibility of the products we buy. Not toss them away because it's out of fashion or something newer is available.
– Oh shut up! Only poor people use public transport! And I'm not buying anything used because that's retarded. Think about how it looks to my peers if I don't have the latest and the greatest. I mean what is money for if you can't buy things that other people can be envy of? And the garbage thing, don't you know that there are people for that? Picking up litter and taking care of the trash. I sure as hell am not doing that.
– I'd say that's really selfish thinking. Also you do not seem to care at all about the future of your children.

Castle ruins, Kajaani

– How dare you?! My children are always first on my thoughts. I don't want you to scare them with your fake facts and your wrong way of thinking. How can I provide them a good future if we do not increase consumption so that there will be more work for people who then also pay taxes? And young women should start making more babies because we need the workforce. Now and in the future. That would also help the small villages that suffer from people moving out to bigger cities. And women doing what they are meant to do, stay home taking care of the family, would also solve the problem of unemployed men.
– There are other ways of living than overconsumption. There already is so much people in the world that those who spend more should drastically decrease consumption and the use of natural resources. And we all should also think about how many children we want to make. Not more but less. There are so many children already in the world who are without parents. Also there's plenty of workforce available in the world already. Adults who are ready to work immediately, not 18 to 25 years from now if we compare that to the children that are born now, are educated and eventually can work when grown up. This world can not support this amount of people that we already have here. And it does not change if we only decide that it will. There are too many people in the world and that is a indisputable fact.


This room is registered to 70 people.

– It's not my fault that there are overpopulated countries. I'm not responsible of the problems and conflicts that they also may have there. I see where you're going with that. You are saying that immigration could solve the workforce problem but you are wrong because most of those people wanting to come here are just criminals and lazy refugees that have heard of the awesome welfare we have here in Finland. I don't want those people coming here with their wrong ideologies, religions and oppression of women. Besides Finland is already crowded enough and the environmental standards that we have here aren't the same as somewhere out there so people from other countries wouldn't understand the rules and they would just come here and litter the pure Finnish nature.

All photos: CC BY-SA 4.0 - Insaneworks

– Wow. The things you talk about make no sense at all and are just wrong. And when talking about littering the Finnish nature, Finns and Finland is no saint in dealing with it's waste. Some of it is dealt properly but some portions are sold to countries that just dump the waste wherever they want. There are also numerous examples of environmental crimes, major ones too, that have happened here. In Finland. By Finns living here. The affects on nature and the loss of biodiversity makes me really sad.
– Loss of biodiversity my ass! That is just one of the bullshit theories that have been invented by the so called scientist you talk about. Loosing few animals and plants here and there has got nothing to do with humans. If some species go extinct, that was going to happen without us humans anyway.
– Where have you gathered this kind of knowledge when you don't trust scientists at all?

Natural History Museum of Central Finland, Jyväskylä

– I can see it with my own eyes? That is proof enough for me. Besides if I am supposed to work for three people as those who are unemployed are too fancy to go to work, I most certainly will have at least four vacations a year abroad. In some warm country. And as I've earned my money with hard work, I will do what I want with it. I will fly abroad because there are plenty of other things that pollute more than my family flying with a plain to holiday. And now I'm going shopping because it's Black Friday and I hear there are going to be some awesome discounts. I need a new phone and TV and new clothes and a new design sofa 'cause the old one is already two years old and I'm so fed up with it.

Railway station, Tampere

You want to know what time it is?

It's well past the time when we should have taken action.

Image: CC0


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Very cool post. That sums up a lot of the debates between both sides of the arguments, nowadays.

Now... Ain't it strange that all political debates have only two sides, when there are a lot more angles to the story?

If we ask 100 people what their favourite colours are, I bet White and Black won't represent 100% of the answers, not even close. So why does that happen with Politics, Religion and Science?

Why do we all end up divided in two groups and two groups alone?

I tell you why: Divide & Conquer. It's all an illusion to make us think we have a choice, when both sides are actually working together behind the scenes, guaranteeing that we all fall in line and don't stray from the path.

Or it might be that most people, who do not think that things are black and white, do not bother saying their opinion out loud or publish it anywhere.

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Makes me wonder if my noodles come in biodegradable packets. The part about having more children because we need the workforce I imagine is the story that many people maybe tell themselves, but I think it is also way more selfish. They have children because apart from the fancy new shit that is just one more thing they can have. Now I do hope you slapped the other person :)

Having kids is always for selfish reasons.

Now I do hope you slapped the other person.

That is something we all need to ponder every day. To slap or not.

Natural beauty of the photographey

Thanks. :)