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RE: Shooting Flatlays

in #photography2 months ago

Really pleasing to the eye. Especially the first photo. Is flatlay photography supposed to be shot with minimal shadows or is it matter of opinion? I'm thinking I should give this a try too because I looooooooove organizing stuff according to size and color and puzzle-like ordinance. But I have no idea what pretty things to photograph. Nuts and screws? Nails and springs? :D


Yes I do think it would work better with smaller/softer shadows, but no shadow at all would be a no no. You should most definitely give it a try, and I think nuts, bolts, screws and whatnot would actually look pretty cool shot like this. Maybe against a black background? You could even go super artistic with it and make some cool shapes with the nicknacks.

Darn! You gave me more ideas and did the unthinkable, encouraged me. Damn you! You know what this means. If I can't do that today, during daylight, I will think about it all night and can't sleep and tomorrow first thing I will have to start photographing and I will discard everything else important like my moms birthday and eating and feeding the cats. Oh wait, that last thing is not an option when trying to sort tiny objects. Feed the cats or they will retaliate and I no longer have nothing to photograph.

Perhaps I will give it a try. :)