Not Mana's Christmas But Mana's New Year Story

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Is it too late for a little Christmas story? Christmas eve gone and all? Oh it is? Well, we could make this a New Years story then. Mana's New Year story. Not a Christmas story because it has a decorated tree in it and as we all know, decorated trees are a New Years tradition, not a Christmas tradition. Right?

All photos: CC BY-SA 4.0 - Insaneworks

It was last night, not few days before Christmas because this is not a Christmas story as it is too late for a Christmas story... where was I... Yes! Last night I heard whispering and all kind of tiny noises but couldn't quite recognize what or who made them.


I wondered about the noises and as I couldn't sleep, I went to see what was making them, but as soon as I stepped to the living room, the noises stopped. Cats were both sleeping on the sofa and I didn't see anything unusual. So I went back to bed. Didn't hear strange the noises again.


Or at least so I thought because I think I heard them while I was sleeping and the noises came to my dreams. I had pretty strange dreams because of those noises, but let's not get in to that now. I bet no-one is interested in my dreams.


Anyway, in the morning I did what I usually do. Breakfast for me and for my cats. I had coffee and bread ready and called for the cats wondering where they might be. And what I found was the cause of the strange noises that I heard in the night.


On top of my drawer there were three false cypress that I bought earlier in the week. One of my cats was sitting beside the plants and sniffing the plants. And what I saw gave an immediate answer what the strange noises were. Two of the false cypress had decorations and although I didn't see the decorators anywhere, I knew who was responsible.


My Mana and it's friend the elf named Fel have been quiet lately. But it seems that Christmas New Year coming has woken them up. But what was really strange was the fact that these photos that you see here, would you believe it, I did not take them! The photos were in my smartphone and I found them later during the day.

I know that Mana and Fel are pretty capable individuals, but I don't think that they took the photos. And I know my cats had nothing to do with this either. So the BIG question is, who took the photos?

All photos: CC BY-SA 4.0 - Insaneworks

Want more mana? Here you go.
Mana exploring
Mana & friend
Mana was found


Maybe you were doing sleep photography? Haha at least Mana and Fel ready to party so new years might be splendid :)

Sleep photography is always one option. I wonder what else I do when I sleep. Partying when sleeping? That would be odd and fun...


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Thank you! :)

You're welcome 🙃😜🙃

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Really funny story. I think Mana knows a lot about technology and the way to handle your smartphone and take a photo,lol. Merry Christmass:)

It may be that Mana has lots of skills that I know nothing about. Merry Christmas to you too! :)

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Thank you so much! :)

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Aaah! Thank you. :)

Aaaww Mana is back and he decorated your trees? So nice of Mana and his elf friend. The trees do look one of their kind :) They care for you and helped to decorate the trees, save you the trouble. But they decorated the trees after Christmas?
I think they telephatically beamed their snapshots into your phone 😜

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Actually the time stamp for these photos is the 24th. But as I'm slow and lazy and all that, I couldn't get myself to write about this earlier.

Mana and Fel are quite handy so it may be that they have such skills. :)

hello dear @insaneworks, you really have good friends !! very nice story, i love mana and his elf friend;)) really you don't think that can be them who stole your phone to take some selfies ?? ;-D keep on, have a nice sunday

Perhaps it was Mana and Fel who took the photos. I ques we never know. :) Yhank you and you have a nice Sunday too!


It was so cool to read the story of Mana and her friends, I think it would be twice as great a cartoon of them hahahaha

Greetings and happy holidays from Venezuela

That's an awesome idea! A cartoon would be superb! I better lure some cartoonist to draw the adventures of Mana and Fel... :)

I love it! What an imagination Mana and Fel must have to decorate like that! No idea who could have taken the pictures, though. Maybe they found someone new to help them out.

Indeed! That is one possibility. Someone else that I or we don't know of, took the photos. Mana may have a second friend. Let's hope that some day we will find out. :)