Night to think.

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How cool it is to feel the peace inside you, I know that the sensations can be perceived in many continuous ways. I mean, people will absorb feelings and study it in a certain way, so I started to think if I can absorb negative emotions.

It is my way of seeing, my moment of analysis begins when a negative reaction is before me, sometimes I do not know how to respond to such attitudes and I wonder if I have responded adequately or have absorbed their negative emotion, being the same as the response.

But I have tried to maintain my composure and improve the tension in the air, however, I have noticed in my changes pronounced in a slow way. I think that if I have absorbed reactions or attitudes that do not lead to a positive life, I have let myself be carried away by my hidden emotions, my temperament has also been influenced by this sudden event.

I can say that things have not turned out as I wanted, sometimes I feel that my days are managed by my worst enemy or maybe I wear bad luck clothes. I really don't know what to do, my plans are ruined over time and I have been mentally collapsed by those results, I would like to understand what my lifestyle will be like and how I can improve it.

Yes, I have caught bad habits like laziness and uncontrolled crying. I want to stop, I shout to my heart to be strong and to my brain to think better, but they are as deaf as I am. I dedicated myself to reading, to observe more the night, when before I loved the day.

The night reminds me of me right now, it has a peaceful but very mysterious solitude. My answers are on the air when I ask the Moon why she is always alone, nobody answers and nobody will.

If I want an answer, sometimes I look at the dark sky and start analyzing my life. Will this be a test of strength? Of persistence?

I just want to be like I was before.

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