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An entry to Photo 52, 2020 Challenge, Week Number 3 by @wwwiebe.

Photos featured are from my collection.

Miny (rhymes with tiny) is one of the four kittens-turned-cats that we have adopted over a year ago. Among the four, he is the only one that is mostly white, with a few black spots on certain places. Still, he's my mom's favorite because of his color pattern. I suppose that was also one of the reasons why he was almost catnapped when he was just a month old. I'm just glad that we got him back. It's not easy trying to take photos of Miny. He mostly runs off or hides away, just like this other photo of him below.


You would think that Miny is fierce, but he could be such a sweetie, esp with Mom. Sometimes, he would show affection by rubbing himself on our legs. He is mostly away during the day, but it's good that he comes home for dinnertime.


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Cute kitty...☺

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Dawww... kitty! I used to have a pure white cat as a boy. We named him 'snowy'. I miss him; he was a pretty cool cat.

Awww pure white cat is so lovely! There's one in one of the stores I pass by daily 😊😊

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Miny is beautiful. :)

Catnappers are one of my fears! Very lucky you got him back. :)

Yes, indeed we're lucky to have him back ^_^

I have picked your post for my daily voting initiative! Keep it up and Steem on!

Thank you so much!

!giphy thank you

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