Even The Daisies Decay | Photography Series

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Fresh. Pure. Perfect.

Something we all want to be.



Vulnerable. Emotional. Flawed.

Something we've always been.


But why do we force ourselves


to be like a daisy


even though we know that we'll never be?


We can try and accept for once that perfection is unattainable


Because even the daisies decay...

Daisies have always been a significant part of my art. I think they are beautiful, simple, perfect, something that I've always wanted to be.

There's this belief that everything we desire is attainable. It's not. No matter how much we work hard for it, there's always something that we cannot achieve.

We, humans, tend to have this false belief and try to push ourselves until we get exhausted. That's one of our flaws.

These flaws will always be a part of our lives as well. They deserve to be acknowledged.

All photographs were taken by me.

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I think that after the rose the daisy is the flower most asssociated with girls. In Greece they cut each petal to see if He loves them or not, Love me, love me not until the last petal reveals the daisy truth,lol.

Haha yah! I think I did that when I was young lol


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This is you?🔥🔥


Huhu i love it so much! please make me as your model too 🥴

Haha sure!