Do you know about the morning blues?

in #photography2 years ago

Are you one of those that gets the blues in the morning?

Or are you one of those that's happy and shining right after waking up?

Some days I am really pumped and energized after waking up, but lately I've been feeling totally exhausted, so tired that I can barely get out of bed. It's like if I didn't even sleep at all.

The day I shot these photos I woke up earlier than normal, and when I peeked out of the studio's window, there was this spectacle. According to the photo's metadata, it was exactly 05:00 am.

In the place where I live it gets normally foggy at night, and it is kind of difficult to photograph the fog unless there's a lot of moonlight. The trick is to do a ling exposure. Moon + fog + long exposure = great photos.

This time the exposure was short but I was happy with the gloomy blue hour morning results.

Have a great end of Sunday.


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Awesome pictures. I'm a grumpy ass in the mornings, stay clear till I have my second cup

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hahaha I am like you, but more like to the 4th cup or after mid day lol

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Beautiful. I need tips on how to shoot fog in a forest! Its so darn atmospheric but Im too much of an amateur to capture it right

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thanks so much @riverflows!. I think the defining factor is the angle of the light. For sure early mornings are the best moments light-wise to capture the details of fog.

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How do you have this much light at 5.00 am ??😲 Love the pic and you've a great surroundings where you are!

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Hi @elsaenroute!. Thanks a lot for your comment. Yes it's indeed beautiful here in Upper Austria.

In August sunrise is about at 5:30 am. This was shot on August 11th.

Check out the settings for that first photo on the screenshot below :)

Wow that's cool! Here(Kerala), you don't really get this kind of light till 7 or so in the morning.

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Wow nice!, I'd like to know India and its people one day soon.

These early mornings only happen in mid-summer here. Right now for example we are losing 4 minutes of daylight per day. Sunrise is a 6:37am and sunset at 7:14pm. There's a point in winter that sunset is at about 4:00pm...

But of course that's with the hour change that will happen soon.

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Yeah too many differences! We don't even have the concept of daylight saving time kinda things :)

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That is indeed great, daylight saving time is useless in my opinion!!!😂

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But it'll be fun to adjust the time and all. Having the same (almost) day hours theoughout the year gets boring 😆

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I think it's boring to have to wake up earlier hahaha

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