Revisiting Greenwich Market

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Exploring Greenwich Market

Last summer, I spent a wonderful day in London, with my daughter, a treat that is all too rare for me.

Our first stop was Greenwich market where I, of course, took a few photos.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Greenwich market is indoor and dates back to 1737. It is the only market in London which is located on a World Heritage site.

Greenwich Market.jpg

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Apparently there can be up to 120 stalls for antiques, art and crafts and foods. There were many fewer than that when we were there though.

Here are just a few of them:

Military Memorabilia

Greenwich Market Military Antiques.jpg

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Patriotic Bunting

Greenwich Market bunting.jpg

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

London Suburbs Signs

Greenwich Market Suburbs Signs.jpg

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hand-made Dickie Bows/Bow Ties

Greenwich Market Bow Ties.jpg

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

These are just a handful of the stalls and there are some interesting little shops around the outside of the market too.

Plus, there is a great selection of food stalls catering to all sorts of tastes.

The whole area is definitely worth a visit. 😊


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Great place to visit for its heritage: all that stuff though can do my head in! What do we need it for? Then again, is it worth meeting a man who doesn't have a least a choice of dickie-bows....? Hmm, think I am more of a tie-girl myself.

all that stuff though can do my head in! What do we need it for?

I totally agree @sukhasanasister but then that't true of all "stuff" that doesn't have a utility I suppose. I'd be happy with a lot less and regularly try to declutter but it's a slow process.

I rarely buy "stuff" nowadays though so that's good. 😁

Oh! This brings back memory! I was there once a long time ago! It has changed a lot! Would love to go there again!

Yep. It's a fun place to visit. In fact the whole Greenwich area is worth a trip I think.

Yep! I would love to spend a whole day there! And visit the museums and Greenwich Mean Time Line too!

A market on a historical site? No wonder it's getting commercially popular. So neat!

What cool stores and such an interesting market, thanks for sharing

A perfect #MarketFriday post! :)

I love this kind of Market and I am so glad you got to have fun with your daughter! Hi, Gillian!


Hi Denise @dswigle

Lovely to "see" you. As you have probably noticed I'm not around much these days but it's good to see you still going strong.

Thanks for the tip as always. 💙

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Hi! Where are your new posts?!

Have a great day!


I used to post every day until the latest hardfork. Now, as you can see, I've lost the will. 😢

Maybe I'll get into it again but it gets less and less likely the more time passes.

Thanks for visiting though. 😁

Oh! Sorry to hear that you are losing hearts on posting!

I almost did the same thing! Then I saw that I got more curation rewards than posting!!
Things have changed! There are not enough good new posts for people to upvote!

I think you should try posting three posts a week to see the difference that will take place! Test it out!

I think you should try posting three posts a week

That's a great idea but right now I'm just not motivated to do so. I think there are advantages to posting now from the point of view that there is less competition and, also, more bigger accounts seem to be manually curating which increases the chances of getting a bigger vote.

But I'm just not feeling very enthusiastic about writing at the moment. If that changes I have plenty of ideas and photographs ready for the posts I planned but never wrote.


Well the bow ties look like fun! Do people still wear those, though? Aside from the stray suit-clad businessperson that still sports one, I rarely see them. The market looks like a fun place for a walk and a look-see. From the photos, I'm guessing it's a pretty colorful experience, too.