Shooting with a Vintage lens.

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Today I tried my vintage Super Carenar MC f=135mm 1:2.8 lens for a change. I've posted some photos I have taken with it before. Today wasn't my best days though, so I only post two photos.


It's not the bestest at F4, and DualISO 400+800... But it does have a certain feeling I like. I personally think it's more like a portrait lense than anything else, but sometimes one can find something intriguing and that lens sure has some bokeh.


The first photo was shot near Vääksy, from the front yard of a bakery. It's a golf field. The second image is from Päijänne national park looking over one of the many lakes there.

It's already late now, I got stuck on Twitter of all places. I should've left my account suspended, as it had been for months. I think it was a mistake to get back there.

Ok, see you. I'll go get some sleep.

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I like that second pic
Kinda dreamy :)

Reminding me of the Lord of the Ring a bit! Those thick brown branches are very haunting! Some ghosts are lurking around there! Beware! Don’t go too near!

I wish my iPhone could do these!

Love them. Very atmospheric!!

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  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Thanks, but I think it was only for last week's posts.

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the second shot turned out to be more epic :)

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Sometimes this might not be your best day, but for me those photography are great!