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RE: Roadtrip East - Varkaus

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I like the last shot...Hints at the battle between nature and human development, the forest and suburbia.

I like wandering around small towns, exploring sleep streets, often just the main street and a couple of residential streets, with a stop at the local antique store and cafe that is invariably stocked with home made cakes.


I’m a small town girl and I enjoy other small town too cause I know how they work. You know when you walk into a cafe at a small town you’ve never been in, people will talk after asking does anyone know who that was. Was it the Mrs Koivisto’s granddaughter, she hasn’t been here is a while has she? What a shame they don’t visit more often. Or was she a part of the family that rented the new cabin near the old boat house for the summer?

Sounds familiar. I was raised in a small rural town also. I think that's why I feel an affinity with them now. They seem simple, but of course aren't always as there's usually some sort of small-town gossip going on. I find them interesting though.

wonderful post-

Are you okay?

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