Masked people

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About coronavirus now all the main news and many people are already tired of it. I also feel nauseous about just one mention, but as soon as I see news not related to the pandemic, I get bored. Such is the essence of man. It seems to be tired of it all, but something other becomes not interesting. Maybe only me?

Vologda declared self-isolation as throughout Russia. I will not torment with all sorts of different official data. The most important thing is the document of what is happening. We have never seen so many masked people on the street. We have never seen such deserted streets! You can make post cards in the style of the 60-80s of the last century, when three cars ride on the roadway and five people walk along the sidewalk.

This shake was definitely needed by humanity. Look at what we turned the planet into and what we ourselves have become. The earth, in my opinion, often cleans itself from people.

I do not appeal specifically to someone, I appeal globally to humanity as a whole. We are given a chance to seriously think about how we live. And if we do not change our attitude to ourselves, to people, to the city, to work, to the planet, to will be bad for all.

I’m not bring up a moral here. Everyone is responsible for himself. For me now the main thing is the document of our life. I chose this path myself and I live it.

But you still need to think, why is the planet self-cleaning? No need to say that this is a biological war and a conspiracy. Everything is very simple. People got sick.

And the most beautiful thing is that now it will not work to get out of the country! Nowhere to hide! I don’t know why I think about all this. This is at the level of intuition.

There are so few people in the city that stray dogs sleep right on the lawn and are not afraid of anyone.

Internet providers were not ready for such a massive sitting at home, and in general the level of humanity’s preparation for such natural surprises is simply zero.

And the outbreak of coronavirus clearly showed that in the event of a real biological war, we all lose!

Only the Chinese will survive, as there are just a lot of them. How ironic: Asians volunteer to distribute food to older people who are on isolation.

I was thinking, and if there is no electricity, then how to take pictures? My film stock is almost zero (one or two coils), but I am not able to develop and print in the optical way.

But there will be electricity. I am faithful that everything will calm down very soon. This is just a reminder for people who are in charge of the planet. That's all.

And it would be better for us to understand what's what.

Absolutely everyone, including me, has something to think about.

Let’s take off everything for a start...

Or the continuation may not follow...