You're Golden Baby

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Vanity Fair, gold, green, velvet, silk, dust, opulence.

I found this amazing dark greyish green luxurious velvet at the leftover section of the fabric store and I immediately knew it was going home with me. I could just picture it being the perfect backdrop for my home studio, and depending on how the light hits it, it can go from really dark to a greenish colour with a golden sheen. I am so so happy I got it and it was a bargain compared to how expensive good velvet fabric is normally.

I had to immediately put it to the test to see how the colour looks on camera and I'm obsessed. You will be seeing a lot of pictures against this.





gold1 copy.jpg


That last one...Looks like one of your inner personalities is trying to escape, or take over..

Sometimes the evil slips out 😝

Exactly how it should be.

That second one!

What a great setup for the painting style still life you did a while back. Only with you. I would love to see more like this

You are catching my vibes well :) the painterly style is something I’m interested in.

I would love to see that. The whole set up. With you in it 🤓

What a subtle way you have when lighting, and I am in love as when I met my first grade teacher hahaha ... greetings colleague

That sounds like a nice way of saying that my images are too dark, which is what people say all the time 😂 but thank you very much! 🤗

Noooo, not at all, I am in love with that way of lighting, I love it! and that's what I liked about your images ... byyyy pretty... 🤗


Thanks! :)