We All Just Want Attention

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Let's see how this works out when I've deprived you from my self portraits for close to a month. Better go Hive viral or you won't be seeing more in a long time.

Just kidding, I do or don't what and when I feel like it. I've done thousands of selfies for empty audiences.

Self portraits, shot with the Fujifilm x100f.








I want some attention too.😊

Here you go!


You got my attention.

You both got my attention 😁

Three of you.

You too!

lol Would love to shoot with you some day tbh :)

So much attention!


We also all want pizza 🍕 and we’re being deprived of that too

You can't have pizza in self isolation?

Well I could make it but my favourite place to go get a decent pizza is closed 😭

You need to learn how to make your own!

Very nice selfies. Majestic and exquisite

We might have different views on what majestic means but I’ll take it 😝

The floor is damaged. It got my attention! 😁

What floor?

Wanna come polish my floor?

You definitely need a perfect floor to complement your perfect skin.

If the floor was like my skin, it would be rotten and cracked with a flew planks missing.

Munkki's! 😉

Let me have my morning coffee first, then I’ll get to baking!

If only I could turn up right at the opportune moment, munkki's nice and warm, coffee just about ready. hive-meet up on your balcony...With munkki's! :)

Enjoy your morning coffee then get busy! :)

Hey I’ve been meaning to ask: do you know will you be able to travel to Finland during the summer or is travel still forbitten?

Hmm, good question.

The flights are booked and paid still but it's unlikely we will be able to travel. They have not been cancelled although transit through Singapore is not possible (we fly Singapore Airlines) and landing in Copenhagen isn't either I believe. Finnair have cancelled routes also. I'm waiting on the official cancellation. The Australian Government is preventing all non-essential travel also so, yeah, it's not looking good.

I'm pretty bummed out. I think they will give me travel vouchers so figure it'll be next year now...I'll be 51...Almost dead! Lol.


Ain’t no celebrating with that amount 😅

Steem was worth $8 US for a time, perhaps this post is worth $200+

Yeah you’ll never know. HODL HODL.

What other crypto are you into?


You got better options lol!