Sunday Playday

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A fast simple little selfie to accompany my ramblings. I've been playing with my new lights all day and I don't really have anything else than this to show for it. I do have a lot of shots of chairs and walls though, but those are most probably going to the trash. I was trying to get acquainted with my little lights, get to know all the knobs and just generally what kind of moods I could create with them and the modifiers I have. The remote thingamy I have is pretty useful because I can dial things in from there, and I don't have to keep on running to the lights, especially if they are up high and I can't even see what power they are at.

I wasn't keen on taking selfies today as that is quite a lot of work and too many moving parts just to try out stuff. For one test I put a light outside into the balcony to fake a sunlight coming through the blinds, you will most definitely see me using that for some film noir type of stuff in the future. My neighbours probably think I'm mental when they see me lugging out lights and at random times there is a flash going off.

I always gravitate towards drama and low key light but that's such a cop out because I think it's pretty easy. My main goal now is to make images that look more like natural light, not like a spotlight. It's wayyyyy harder to try and create natural looking light. I have so many ideas I want to try out in the near future, really excited.


You have such angel eyes in this light. Great work btw. I feel like I know you a bit seeing the many facets of Eve but then you surprise me with more. You're a real gem always.

Haha it’s the catch light in the eyes, that apparently should be present in every portrait. I feel like I’ve done the same thing for so long because I’ve used just the light I have available, now I’m amping it up and creating seemingly endless possibilities :)

It's amazing what the eyes can say without words.

I wonder what they are saying to you :)

Isn't that a great question! :)

Great shot Eve!

Thank you Ruben!

That is a really great shot! The light is perfect!

Oh thank you! I thought it’s lacking a bit of something, maybe a texture into the background.

Darn it. All this light and flash stuff makes me want light and flash stuff! Haha.

Random flashs going off at your apartment could definitely get the neighbours curious.

I was also thinking about the things that are the easiest for us. Those things we are really really good at. I wonder why we/people/everyone? Tend to devalue that. I have been hearing this for 136,000,190 years or more... In some ways it really hurts people. I'm trying to think of an example and of course I'm totally blanking out.

It's always fun to grow and expand and learn new things.

One of my friends lives close, gotta ask what it looks like to the outside when a flash is going off in the middle of the night 😅

I do think one should play to their strenghts, but I also think it can get boring and it’s super useful to learn outside of your so called safe space. I am noticing that the more I learn, the better I can execute the shots that feel natural to me.

Gunshots. In a noir movie.