Studio Shoot by Juho - in colour

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Last weekend I did a shoot modelling for Juho Yläjärvi, check out the behind the scenes material if you didn't already.

I just got back some of the finished pictures. His style is very different from mine but it was fun to be just the model for once and let someone else do the hark work and execute their vision. I'll post black and white version for these later, and might be that there is more coming on some later date. We'll probably be doing some more shoots too in the future, it's good for both our learning.

These were shot with some new-ish Sony mirrorless and an 85mm lens, that's all I have for the specs.



Do you prefer me as just the model or me as a one woman show?


Do you prefer me as just the model or me as a one woman show?

I think you're doing pretty awesome at both, so I guess there's nothing wrong with mixing it up a bit. As is always with your photos, the lighting work is amazing! One would wonder why I've been staring at these photos for so long, and my honest answer is that my geekiness for history got in the way. I know now that terra nullius means 😆 ...


Thank you for coming to my class! Don’t forget your homework, I want 2000 words on the last terra nullius areas on this planet.

Will do, ma'am! Would it be permissible to copy from Wikipedia and change up a few words? I'm sure that's what most students do, right? 😆,drawn%20in%201899%20and%201902.

Why yes of course!

Well... Time to get started, then 😁

Thats also the first thing I did. Google terra nullius lol......

Haha, great minds think alike ;-)

In general...the one-woman show style — it feels different than the normal and it's good. Still, kudos for working on collaborations!

I can take the full credit where its due, but I'm working on being comfortable in giving out some of the reigns for someone else. I actually love being in front of the camera so that is what I want to do more, along with shooting myself.

That's cool, too. Wishing you lots of good experience.

One woman show is super cool :)

But we like variation don’t we? :)

Amazing shots, and great BTS vid too 😊👍

Amazing shots, and great BTS vid too 😊👍

We thank you! :)

I think you are good in both tasks :-)

I try my best because I enjoy both :)

It depends on my alter ego 😏

Well same really :D

I admit the collaborations inspire confidence. I think I could arrange photos in my area, though it might be hampered by guidelines. I like the one woman show, because I have a feeling you do. My point being, I certainly feel different when you take the one woman show approach. You’re so artful, I am pleased either way.

Long lens and outdoor spaces, you can do it!

I think people have gotten used to only seeing me for what I create myself, it can be a shock to see me through someone elses lens.

"Do you prefer me as just the model or me as a one woman show?" - EU Love ya anyway that makes you - YOUUUU!

Oawwwwww youuuu🥰

Both. It is nice to see some shots of you by other people. I'm curious to see their edits and what shots they think came out good.

I find it interesting to see how someone else sees me. I’m so used to creating my own image.

One time in college life drawing class the model didn't show up so students volunteered to pose. The easels were set up in a circle around a small platform. Seeing a 360 degree view of everyone's drawing of me was really... weird, cool, scary and sort of exhilarating. I never posed again but I liked it.

How long did you have to stay still for? :D

We got to sit in a chair so it wasn't too hard. Maybe 5 minutes? Not too long.

That’s not bad at all, I was thinking it would be hours!

The long poses are for the professionals! 🤓