Rough Around the Edges

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Self portraits shot with the Fujifilm x100f.






Using the window is so good! Love the reflections and the misty look.

Handling reflections is quite hard, learned a lot today while doing these :D Glad you like these!

The last one <3

Thank you! :)

Through the window. Niiiiice! And the dark lipstick is an eye-catcher.

Gotta bring a bit of that emo phase from teenage years to this century :P

Nothing rough about these shots!💜

I beg the differ but I like it rough so... thank babe! 😘

Hello there. The black lipstick! It pulls my eye so hard I didn't see everything else in the shots at first. The disappearing hair in the first one and all the other things around you in the glass? Really nice

Black lipstick is surprisingly flattering ain't it? :D

It's powerful. Now I'm curious to see the shots in color 🤓


Fucked up 75% of these photos for having the camera reflection on the photo 🙃

Aha! And we we had no idea.

That's kinda the point, to be have the end result look effortless, when it wasn't.


Good photo sis

Beautiful photos my friend 🤝 thanks for sharing 👍🏾

Thank you very much! :)

No problems my pleasure 👍🏾



yeah, I was in super-expressive mode last night :P

Very beautiful as always. I hope you enjoyed your summer?